Where to get your taco fix in Baton Rouge, from trendy Taco Tuesdays to traditional tacquerias


Additional reporting by Olivia Deffes and Meg Ryan

We love tacos for lots of reasons. 

They’re associated with fun, festive occasions. They’re flexible, playing in the gourmet space one day and serving as the ultimate hangover cure the next. They’re full of possibilities. Stuff them with your favorite vegan ingredients, or ply them with eggs and eat them for breakfast. They’re delicious when authentic, but they’re also hard to resist when reinterpreted in Americanized splendor. 

Never have tacos been more wide-ranging and interesting in the Capital Region. From taquerias, to taco-centric food trucks to a new generation of eateries elevating this beloved food, Baton Rouge is chock-full of taco experiences waiting to be savored. Let’s take a tour.  

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This article was originally published in theNovember 2022 issue of 225 magazine.