Best of 225

Voting for the 2023 Best of 225 Awards will be open from Feb. 27 to April 3.

Click on the categories to cast your votes, and scroll to the bottom of this page to browse our schedule, FAQ and previous editions of Best of 225. Please note that in order for votes to be counted, participants must fill out their full names and addresses. Voters must be residents of the 225 area code, or their votes will not be counted.

Reach us at  with questions about the ballot.


Find info on how the whole process works here.


Are you a nominee? Congrats! If so, snag some free downloadable, printable and shareable graphics for your social media page, restaurant menu or website—you’re free to use it anywhere you’d like to get the word (and the vote!) out.


Jan. 4 to Feb. 8

Write-in nominations were open at 225batonrouge.com/bestof225. On a fill-in-the-blank ballot, Capital Region residents wrote in their picks for the best businesses and people. The people and businesses with the most nominations moved onto the official voting ballot.

Feb. 27 to April 3

Voting is live on our website. The people and businesses that received the most nominations in each category are the ones that will be listed on the final ballot.

Late June

We’ll announce this year’s winners with the release of our July 2023 issue of 225 magazine at a Hot off the Press launch party. Be sure to subscribe to 225 Daily for all the details on how we’ll honor this year’s winners.


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