Is it time for a beer revolution in Baton Rouge?

Our craft beer scene is finally growing. Here's how to enjoy it

Food & Drink

Inside the spectacular Chinese New Year dining experience at Hunan

There are 10 courses coming, ready to be spread on the lazy Susan on the center of each table so every guest can try in turn. We're only on the first course of appetizers: bowls of warm, mild fish and asparagus soup and a chilled platter of marinated vegetables and jellyfish. The rest of the courses are imminent—as soon as the Lion Dance is done backing it up on Meichi…

Style & Home

Designer Brad Jensen blends community and apparel inside Tim’s Garage

Curving through the already narrow aisles, the crowd is a seemingly endless parade, pushing in from outside to rub shoulder to T-shirt shoulder. A golden tiger sporting some killer shades stares down on the crowd. A few racks over, a sketch of Louisiana is transformed into a peace sign, with all of northern Louisiana folded into the palm of the hand. These are T-shirt designs, and this is Tim’s Garage,…

Things to do

Try 50 types of gumbo at this weekend’s Red Stick Roux Rally—all for a great cause

Now in its fifth year, this Saturday's Red Stick Roux Rally Gumbeaux Cook-Off has grown to include 50 gumbo cook-off participants using every ingredient imaginable. But one important aspect of the annual event has remained the same since year one—all proceeds benefit Youth Oasis, a local homeless children's shelter. Operating since 1996, Youth Oasis currently consists of two programs serving at-risk youth and young adults. The Children's Shelter provides emergency housing…

Our City

As TEDxLSU grows, this year’s event aims to attract its biggest crowd yet

TEDxLSU’s popularity is one example of Baton Rouge reaching its potential, says Rebecca Burdette, the local event’s co-founder. “When you’ve got hundreds of people showing up for an intellectual event, sharing and connecting with people, that speaks volumes about where we are as a community,” says Burdette, whose day job is directing LSU’s Communication across the Curriculum program. The event has grown quite a bit since launching in 2012. The…