Food & Drink

Little Graze is assembling portable snack boxes for kids’ parties, tailgates and holidays

You’ve heard of charcuterie boards, cheese boards and dessert boards. But what about getting those delicious arrangements delivered to your door in a beautifully arranged box? They're easier to move, use as gifts and picnic with, and Port Allen's Little Graze is running with them. Cassie Treuil started Little Graze over quarantine, and she now operates the business out of her home. It all began as a fun way to…

Style & Home

Fashion trends, backwards

Fashion is like a revolving door. Just when you thought you saw the end of a trend, it comes right back around a few years later. Some trends are a flop and die the same year they began, while others evolve and return every couple of decades. It’s been this way for bell-bottom jeans, classic Converse sneakers, large statement earrings and neon clothing. Take a look back at how fashion…

Things to do

November 2020 calendar of events

Editor's note: Info is as of press time in mid July. Check with the organizations’ social media pages for the latest updates. All month • Enjoy the fall weather with a free outdoor movie on the lawn of The Capitol Park Museum on Sundays. Before the 6:30 p.m. screenings, the festivities begin at 5 p.m. with live entertainment and food and drinks from Memphis Mac, Plant Based Treats by Lotus…

Our City

Important moments over 15 years of the Baton Rouge arts scene

Shaw Center brings cultural events and opportunities to downtown (2005) The turning point of modern attempts to revitalize downtown can be traced to the opening of the Shaw Center for the Arts in 2005. The shimmering futuristic facility seemed to usher in a new identity for Baton Rouge that was hip, cool and brimming with activity. Housing the Manship Theatre, Glassell Gallery and the new home of the LSU Museum…