Food & Drink

Fast Break: T & T Cafe brings artistic desserts, bubble tea and sushi to downtown Baton Rouge

It’s not everyday you walk through an enchanted garden-style courtyard with classical music playing overhead just to grab lunch in downtown Baton Rouge. But at the Third Street Asian eatery, T & T Cafe, this is just an average lunch hour.  It was around 1 p.m. when my lunch date and I met in front of the recently opened cafe on Third Street. As we walked past the tall iron…

Style & Home

Purple and gold isn’t just for LSU game days

Why do we wear purple and gold each fall? It’s about more than blending in with our friends at the tailgate. We wear purple because it embodies our passionate, spirited Louisiana culture. We don gold as a reminder to strive for greatness—not just in academics and athletics, but in everything we do in life. When we say we bleed purple and gold, we mean it. We think not just of…

Things to do

August 2019 Calendar of Events

Aug. 1 The Louisiana Art & Science Museum presents “Art After Hours: Astral Visions.” Astrophotographer Connor Matherne explains how he captures captivating photos of the nighttime sky. Attendees can sip on wine and snack on hors d’oeuvres. lasm.org Aug. 10 • Spruce up your home during the Baton Rouge Botanic Garden’s annual summer plant sale. Customers can count on the availability of locally grown plants that will flourish in the…

Our City

How Live 2 Serve helps underprivileged youth while giving college students an avenue to get involved in the community

Jacob Nichols bought a Cherry Coke from a gas station on Nicholson Drive almost every day during his freshman year at LSU. And every time, a boy about 9 years old would wait for him and ask Nichols for a snack. Until one day, he asked Nichols to play baseball instead. “That’s when it kinda hit me: ‘Wow, this kid can’t afford baseball gear.’ I have tons and tons of…