Kitchen Confidential

Nine chefs and culinary pros dish on their cooking secrets—just in time for the holidays

Food & Drink

7 Southern cookbooks released in 2017 to gift your favorite foodie

Finding the ever-elusive perfect gift can be hard. Where do you even start when no two people on your shopping list have the same taste in, like, anything? We’ve been there, too. Enter our go-to gift: the cookbook. Everyone likes food. Everyone likes pictures of food. Not everyone likes to cook, but anyone can use another coffee table book—right? And it just might inspire them to get into the kitchen.…

Style & Home

Place Baton Rouge-made and retailed gifts under your tree this year

When it comes to gifts, there's nothing more special than those one-of-a-kind pieces. We rounded up 20 gift ideas that are uniquely Baton Rouge. All of these items have ties to local makers, and several are items that you'll only find in the Capital Region. That makes them just the thing for anyone who holds a special place in their heart for the Red Stick. Hover over each image to…

Things to do

Exhibit celebrates sculptural work of retiring Louisiana Art & Science Museum assistant director

Sam Losavio has always been fascinated by patterns in the natural world. Even in the chaos and mystery of outer space, the inherent order and logic have provided him with plenty of inspiration. Look closely, and you’ll find order taking shape in his sometimes chaotic and asymmetrical artwork. The Baton Rouge artist looked to the cosmos for inspiration in the 1980s, when he started working on paper drawings using charcoal…

Our City

Meet the women working to change the local technology industry

Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates. That’s who most people think of when picturing technology leaders. But more and more women are getting in on the action, and in Baton Rouge, the local technology industry is growing. It makes sense that we’re increasingly trying to grow young tech minds with programs like The Futures Fund and Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council’s Computer Class for Girls. These groups are working to…