Food & Drink

7 last-minute sides and treats that will impress your Turkey Day guests

Haven't found that perfect recipe for Thanksgiving yet? Look, we're not here to judge. You came to the right place. We've rounded up a few recipes from our favorite recipe food on Instagram to get you through crunch time. One of these sides or desserts is sure to please your crowd. And if these images are any indication, you know they'll turn out Insta-worthy, too. You know what to do—double…

Style & Home

How Charli Giroir became a fashion and beauty devotee before finishing kindergarten

Between sips of hot chocolate at a local coffee shop, 5-year-old Charli Giroir is demonstrating how to apply makeup. Using her pink, plastic My Little Pony vanity set sent to her from makeup company PÜR, she brushes on a glittery eyeshadow and lip gloss. Without even reading the labels, she names the lip gloss colors as she shows off each one. “This is Fluttershy, and this is Pinky Pie,” she…

Things to do

A guide to 2017 holiday fun and festivities around Baton Rouge

The holiday season is a time for family, friends and tons of fun. There’s plenty to do in and around the Capital Region as we close out 2017 and ring in the new year, and 225 Magazine has compiled all the Holiday Happenings into one colossal calendar. Check it all out and have a happy holiday season from all of us at 225 Magazine! Nov. 11-12 Mistletoe Market: A fall shopping extravaganza Come find a…

Our City

LSU’s Lighthouse Program takes aim at campus sexual assault

For a survivor of college campus sexual assault, the incident itself is only the beginning. During the initial ringing shock in the immediate aftermath, a survivor must run through a mental checklist of questions, even as the trauma still sinks in: “Should I tell someone? Should I see a doctor? Am I hurt? Am I going to report it?” And the most dreaded question of all: “Will anyone believe me?”…