Food & Drink

Could your food idea be the next big thing? The newly rebranded Foodii incubator thinks so

When it comes to fancy popcorn, sisters Bailey and Harper Galloway believe that butter, caramel and cheese don't go far enough. Along with their mom, Ebony McCallister, these Baton Rouge entrepreneurs created a new company called Posh Pop, a boutique popcorn venture that blends popcorn with a mash-up of flavors and textures, including cereal, pretzels, marshmallows and candies.  The Posh Pop team prepares their new product line at the LSU…

Style & Home

The Modern Debutante’s installations are bringing vibrancy to local events and businesses

Flower and hedge walls have become a huge trend at businesses and events across the country. The moveable backdrops are made of rich green synthetic leaves, color-coordinated flowers and sometimes even neon signs. At restaurants, events and businesses, they add color, personality and liveliness. And, yes, they’re just perfectly Instagrammable. You’ll probably start seeing them around Baton Rouge now more than ever, in part thanks to The Modern Debutante. Danielle…

Things to do

June 2021 calendar of events

Where to play around Baton Rouge this month all month HANDS ON At BREC’s “Pottery and Ceramics,” you’ll learn about the art of pottery. Bring your friends, and make things for each other as you throw, mold and fire clay creations. This event takes place on different days at various BREC parks throughout the month. Check brec.org for schedules and locations. 13 CELEBRATE PRIDE Baton Rouge’s Splash Nightclub on Highland…

Our City

In the wake of LSU’s sexual misconduct findings, sexual assault services provider STAR has never been asked to do more

Before LSU’s multi-year mishandling of sexual misconduct cases was exposed, and before student survivors delivered difficult testimonies to a committee hearing at the State Legislature earlier this year, the Baton Rouge nonprofit Sexual Trauma Assistance and Response had been advocating for a culture change at LSU. “We’ve definitely noticed significant issues when it comes to supporting survivors of sexual assault,” says STAR founder, president and CEO Racheal Hebert. After the…