Use #225batonrouge to be featured on 225’s Instagram page

225‘s Instagram page is a daily celebration of all things Baton Rouge: colorful murals, comfort food, fun festivals and events, and people making an impact.

We’re always on the hunt for photos to feature—and if your picture catches our eye, it might end up on our page.

How can I be featured on your Instagram page?

Tag your photo with our official hashtag, #225batonrouge. Our team checks it regularly in search of images to repost. If we repost your image, we will credit you.

What types of photos do you look for?

On Instagram, we look for a lot of the same things as we do when selecting photos for our print magazine. Above all, we want great photos: vibrant, sharp, unique images that tell a story or capture what life is like in Baton Rouge. We notice good composition, interesting angles and unexpected points of interest. Bonus points if your photo is of a new restaurant we’ve been dying to try, related to a national holiday (National Doughnut Day, anyone?), or if you’re posting live from an event we think our readers would be interested in. #timely

All about them Monday blues… #225batonrouge ?: @barefootseniors

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Who handles the 225 Instagram page? How can I reach them?

Our digital content editor oversees the page, working closely with the rest of the 225 editorial team. Drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or email us at [email protected]. We also collaborate with local social media influencers, inviting them to participate in long-weekend takeovers of our account.

How can I contribute to an account takeover?

We have our social media takeovers pretty much planned out for the next several months, but sometimes openings can unexpectedly pop up. Hit us up on social media and introduce yourself, and we will keep you in mind for the future!