Passion Profile: Salvage World

Sponsored by: Salvage World
Ever wondered what happens to all the items that get purchased only to never be opened because they are the wrong color, shape, or size? We are here to answer that question, and more. Reschedule those hours designated for yard-sales and trips to the flea market. Even cancel the time assigned for places like Kohl’s, Target and Home Depot. Your precious time can now be used more efficiently by eliminating the need to shop at multiple stores and visiting one store that currently remains a “diamond in the rough.”
This new hidden gem, which offers all the goods without the long waits and high prices, can be found at Louisiana’s first Salvage World. Today, its owner/operator and a longtime Tiger, is here to tell us all about what really happens. Post-graduation from LSU with her architecture degree, Salvage World BR owner Michelle White realized that she wanted something different. As most of us can relate, Michelle found that working long hours at a demanding job with the added stress of motherhood, that though life was not bad, she wanted more.
Luckily for her, a decade prior her family had started a business in Mississippi creating an empire off of the open box, overstocked and out-of-season merchandise from popular retail giants. This is what started the family-owned and -operated resale giant known as Salvage World. With her desire for a better-fitting job, her love for a challenge and her natural love for design, Michelle made a quick trip back to Mississippi to learn the inner-workings from the family and returned home to build her own empire. Don’t be misled by the name “Salvage World”: This is so much more than a resale store.
All the furniture is brand new, and they carry popular vendors such as Ashley & Coaster. With as many catalogs of furniture as she has pieces on display in the showroom, she and her team have made it possible for any customer to purchase the exact piece they desire. My next shopping trip will be to Salvage World and we hope yours is, too! Whether it be for an Xbox One for the kids, new tools for dad, or Versace shades for mom, you can find it at Salvage World. Plus, all purchases are completely refundable for 7 days.
Try that at the flea market! For more info about the store, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @SalvageWorldBR.