225’s April 2024 issue is an ode to fried chicken in Baton Rouge

Is Baton Rouge a fried chicken town? You bet.

Alongside its obvious Cajun and Creole foodways, there’s a powerful fried chicken throughline in the Capital City, demonstrated by bedrock brands that have made the dish a local staple.

Emblematic establishments like Chicken Shack, Blue Store and, of course, Raising Cane’s have permanently anchored fried chicken as a signature dish in the Red Stick. Meanwhile, new and trendy fried chicken concepts continue to open across the region.

We crave it as a lunch special and an Easter Sunday main course. We expect it at parties, and we need it on weeknights. It’s a citywide unbreakable habit. And in our April 2024 cover story, we’re digging in.

Also in this month’s issue, we are looking at the latest on the University Lakes Project; the big moves the kid-owned Posh Pop brand is making; our restaurant critic’s take on Pizza Art Wine and much more.

Flip through it all below, and be sure to pick up the print copy on newsstands now around the Capital Region. Let us know what you think at [email protected].