Best of 225 FAQ

How will the 2020 Best Of 225 Awards be chosen?

The winners of Best of 225 are selected by residents of the 225 area code. The process is broken into two rounds: nominations and voting.

The first nomination round is now open. Capital Region residents were encouraged to write in their favorite local businesses, people and things to do in the Greater Baton Rouge area.

In the second round, the businesses and people who receive the most nominations in each category will be listed on the ballot.

The Best Of winners are announced in 225’s July 2020 Best Of 225 issue.

When are nominations and final voting?

Nominations open Tuesday, Jan. 7, and run through Tuesday, Feb. 4. Voting opens the first week of March.

Where do I go to nominate and vote?


How many times can I nominate/vote?

Each person can nominate and/or vote for each category one time.

Why don’t you have a category for ________________?

To try and keep Best of 225 fresh, we switch up our categories each year. We rotate out old categories, add a few new ones and bring back some old favorites each year. Just because we don’t have a category like Best Doughnuts or Best Cupcakes this year doesn’t mean we won’t have it next year. Feel free to leave suggestions for new categories in the comments, and we’ll take them into consideration as we plan the 2021 awards.

How do I find out about the awards events?

Stay tuned for announcements about our Best of 225 launch and reveal parties! Subscribe to our food e-newsletter, 225 Dine, for updates.

How do I advertise in 225 magazine’s Best Of 225 awards issue?

Please contact Erin Pou at [email protected] for more information on advertising in 225 magazine.

How can I promote myself on social media or at my business for the awards?

We offer free images to download for promotional purposes here.

I have a question that is not answered here. How can I contact the magazine?

You can reach our team of editors at [email protected] for more info.