Road trip time

Three nearby getaways just an hour away from home

We’re blessed to live in a city so centrally located to all the diverse sights south Louisiana has to offer. An hour to the west and across the Atchafalaya sits the Cajun heartland of Lafayette, with a booming downtown that offers enough food, music and activities to fill a day trip. To the east and across the piney forests is the picturesque Pontchartrain northshore, with its quiet towns, lush state parks and bevy of breweries. And of course, to the southeast is the Big Easy. It’s a tourist destination for many, but us locals are so well-versed in all the popular hotspots we know how to find the hidden gems outside the Quarter.

This month, we toured New Orleans’ funky Bywater neighborhood and two other nearby getaways, snapping iPhone photos as we searched for ideas for your early summer excursions. The best part: Home is just an hour away. Click around below for more.




This article was originally published in the June 2017 issue of 225 Magazine.