A formal introduction to Between the Lines, 225’s new YouTube series

Since 2005, 225 Magazine has provided informative and engaging stories that focus on the culture and people who define the Capital Region.

And in recent months we have added another stream of content to our ever-growing roster: Between the Lines.

We knew from the beginning that we wanted our new YouTube video series to focus on the untold stories of Baton Rouge. So, we started with an activity rarely talked about in our river city, scuba diving. Since then, we’ve covered the longest-running restaurant in Baton Rouge, the USS Kidd’s renovations, the secrets of the muffuletta  and more.

Moving forward, we want to bring more of our magazine stories to life and highlight all corners of our city. Stay tuned for episodes on the likes of a growing local breadmaker, the Baton Rouge Soul Food Festival and more.

You can keep up with our YouTube series by subscribing to our channel. If you don’t have the YouTube app, keep an eye on our daily newsletter for new videos.

To get a glimpse of what Between the Lines is all about, view the full trailer here.