Twenty in their 20s

The Capital Region’s up-and-coming leaders, creators and difference-makers

Let’s link up with the Red Stick’s rising leaders. Introducing 225 Magazine’s first-ever Twenty in their 20s issue, a special edition celebrating young people doing amazing things.

Earlier this year, our editorial staff examined nearly 200 nominations submitted by readers on 225batonrouge.com. The honorees we selected not only have stacked resumes, they are trailblazers—committed to championing our city and changing it for the better.

They are entrepreneurs, executives and civic leaders. They are national champions, award winners and record breakers. They are mentors and mentees.

Some are students; some are new parents. No matter where they are in their careers or their lives, they have big goals before turning 30.

They hail from all corners of the Capital Region, and each has found something different to love about living here.

This is the future of Baton Rouge—and it couldn’t be more bright or colorful.


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Quotes have been edited for clarity and brevity.

Therese Walker, 29

Donald Ray Dunbar Jr., 25

Eli Haymon, 25

Stephanie Bartage, 26 

Maram Khalaf, 21

Garrett J. Kemp, 29

Jacqueline “Mimi” Allen, 21

Devan Corbello, 28

Myra N. Richardson, 25

Kade Johnston, 26

Anthony B. Kenney Jr., 27

Caroline Merryman, 22

Abbey Kish, 26

Fabian Edwards, 28

Maameefua Koomson, 26

Ashleigh McHugh, 29 

Joe Carleton, 26

Morgan Almeida, 29

Mary Coles, 24

Falon Brown, 26


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This article was originally published in the May 2024 issue of 225 Magazine.