An under-the-radar boutique is dressing women in high-fashion apparel—and helping them feel their very best in the process

Vibrant colors, shimmering sequins and bold patterns—one step inside London’s Fashion Boutique, and I know I’ve walked into something special.

This store embodies drama: On one rack, I spot a pair of jeans—but this is no ordinary denim; these pants are perfectly pleated, vintage-inspired mom jeans. Nearby, a work-ready mustard-colored blouse is draped in ruffles. Another rack is home to stunning beaded evening gowns.

With the shimmer of glittering shoes, bags and dresses competing for my attention, I suddenly understand how Charlie felt when he found his golden ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

London’s Fashion Boutique first began in 2004. Ever since, it’s been a quiet powerhouse of show-stopping, runway-reminiscent fashion at affordable prices.

But perhaps even brighter than the blouses and bags is the store’s owner, Lenore London. She greets me when I enter, and I can already feel how confident and caring she is.

“We get a lot of women who don’t have that confidence … we dress them up until they are smiling.” —London’s Fashion Boutique owner Lenore London

London’s Fashion Boutique carries statement clothing and accessories.

She tells me about her upbringing in Clinton, and how she always knew she was destined to work in fashion. She spent her college years working in retail and designing her own clothing. She eventually followed her passion to opening and operating her own boutique.

It began out of London’s own house, as she hosted parties and weekend events selling items to friends and family. About four years later, demand had grown enough that she decided to bring her store to a retail center, opening her first official location on Wooddale Boulevard. Her inventory eventually outgrew that small space, too, and in 2014 she moved again to Florida Boulevard, where the shop stands today.

Though there really is something for every style in London’s Fashion Boutique, the items that fill the racks all have one thing in common: They are unique. Intricate details, interesting patterns and distinctive designs characterize the shop’s clothing and accessories. And while it does carry some basics, most of the products are statement pieces, the kind of items that garner lots of compliments and stand out in photos.

“It’s about being right here in Baton Rouge, but looking like New York,” London says.

London is committed to helping her customers look and feel like a million bucks. The boutique regularly styles customers uncertain of what they are looking for. London and her staff make an effort to reassure them, helping them leave feeling beautiful. Now, customers pop in regularly to browse or just chat with the staff. London says she is always thinking of those special shoppers, especially when picking out new clothes to sell in the boutique.

“This store is not just about retail. It’s a ministry for me,” London explains. “We get a lot of women who don’t have that confidence or self-esteem, and they come in and we dress them up until they are smiling.”

London’s Fashion Boutique also holds events throughout the year like girls’ nights out or spa nights, and even once hired a female comedian to do a full set while women shopped. Nighttime events provide opportunities for working women who might not be able to shop during the day, and they’re also a chance for customers to enjoy each other’s company and just relax.

Thinking about the future, London’s eyes light up. She hopes to expand to multiple locations in order to reach more customers. But no matter what happens, she intends to keep selling clothes that make people feel good.

“When you have a passion for something, that is who you are,” she says. “And fashion is who I am. No matter what I do, I could never let that go.” Find London’s Fashion Boutique on Facebook and Instagram