Ear candy

Modern Lulu, a Baton Rouge jewelry brand, makes artsy clay earrings and face masks to match

Earrings are to outfits what cherries are to ice cream sundaes. The best earrings can complete an ensemble—or be the star of an outfit.

For some, earrings are a part of their self expression. This was the case for LSU alumnus Lynsey Klein, who always loved wearing them.

In recent years, she noticed clay jewelry trending on Instagram. So the summer before she graduated college, she started making earrings out of polymer clay. She fell in love with blending clays to create new colors and conceptualizing themed collections. In the summer of 2019, the Baton Rouge jewelry business Modern Lulu was born.

Lynsey Klein is the creator behind local jewelry brand Modern Lulu.

Before COVID-19, the brand was solely an earring company. Since the pandemic, Klein expanded the business and added coronavirus-friendly accessories. Today, Modern Lulu sells fashionable, geometric, clay earrings and stylish face masks, as well as complementary decorative mask chains.

“I am more of an introvert, but I like to make statements with my clothing and accessories,” Klein says.

Customers can browse a lineup of everything from modern, earth-toned, wave-shaped earrings to festive, purple and gold tassel earrings. The pieces are crafted in a number of other shapes, including squares, circles, rectangles, stars, flowers and arches.

“With my jewelry, I hope to make women feel beautiful, unique and like they can stand out.”

[—Lynsey Klein]

Modern Lulu releases new collections seasonally. Klein launched a mini collection, Spooky Szn, this October to celebrate Halloween with  out-of-this-world styles and shapes. The earrings featured a crescent moon, twinkling stars, snakes, Pac-Man-style ghosts, bats and black daisies. Many of the designs were made from a special blend of black clay with a gold iridescent sparkle and realistic marble effect. In the past, she’s released Mardi Gras styles, patriotic ensembles for July Fourth and Christmas-inspired pieces for the winter holidays.

Though the New Orleans native plans on moving back to her hometown this fall, she still expects to remain a part of the Baton Rouge creative community. Modern Lulu can be purchased online or at Mid City Makers Market.

Klein gets design inspiration from architecture, illustrations, graphic art, fashion and Pinterest. She tries to stay away from looking at other examples of clay jewelry so her ideas can be as original as possible.

“With my jewelry,” Klein says, “I hope to make women feel beautiful, unique and like they can stand out.” modernlulu.com

This article was originally published in the December 2020 issue of 225 magazine.