What’s new around LSU: A look at the new eateries popping up near campus

It’s an unofficial LSU holiday filled with emotion, way too much traffic and shower caddies as far as the eye can see. Move-in day was last week. As the city witnessed countless incoming freshmen partaking in the large step to adulthood, we couldn’t help but wonder: Who else is moving into Tiger territory?

The area surrounding LSU is currently experiencing a huge burst of development and new retail space, meaning there is a plethora of new restaurants getting ready to serve the university’s population—and those willing to travel close to campus this time of year. Here is a roundup of some budding areas to check out during your next visit to the LSU area.

The intersection of Burbank and Lee drives

About five minutes outside campus, the area around the intersection of Burbank and Lee drives is absolutely booming with new places to grub. Burbank is preparing to welcome Arlington Marketplace, a shopping center currently under construction that already has an impressive lineup of future tenants. With the emergence of the shopping center, the entire surrounding area is following suit, filling up the area with a huge variety of places to eat.

Atomic Burger

The New-Orleans burger joint is housing its second location in Baton Rouge, near the intersection of Burbank and Ben Hur Road. Jow Spitale, co-owner of Atomic Burger, says he and his brother, who also owns the restaurant, both attended LSU and have been looking to open a location in the area. Construction is slated to begin any day now, and the restaurant is expected to open in late 2018 or early 2019.

For a hint at what the Arlington Marketplace Rouses might look like, here’s the inside of the Rouses at Bluebonnet Village Shopping Center, which opened in November 2017. Raegan Labat

Rouses Market

The Louisiana supermarket is expected to house its fourth Baton Rouge location within Arlington Marketplace. The store is planning to open sometime this fall.

Finbomb Sushi Burritos and Poke Bowls

Poke, ramen and sushi … need we say more? Finbomb Sushi Burritos and Poke Bowls is a build-your-own joint originally located in Reno, Nevada. The restaurant will be next to Rouses in Arlington Marketplace, and is expected to open during the second week of October.

Jabby’s Pizza

The Baton Rouge made-to-order pizza restaurant is expanding closer to campus. Jabby’s Pizza plans to begin construction within the next couple of weeks and hopes to open by this December or January 2019.

Dat Dog

With six locations in Louisiana and Texas, it’s about time Dat Dog comes to Baton Rouge. Dat Dog’s colorful atmosphere and gourmet hot dogs are expected to arrive sometime around late fall in Arlington Marketplace.


A fast-food chain specializing in chicken with more than 800 locations nationwide, Zaxby’s plans to open its third location in Baton Rouge off Lee Drive near the new Murphy USA gas station.


Sombrero’s is a Mexican restaurant group out of Alexandria with four existing locations throughout Louisiana. The restaurant is expected to open late fall.


Whataburger, known for its distinctive orange and white buildings, is debuting its third location in Baton Rouge according to Justin Langlois of Graham, Langlois & Legendre, LLC.

LSU Nicholson Gateway development

Located right across the street from campus on Nicholson Drive, the Nicholson Gateway Development is a housing complex for upperclassmen and graduate students of LSU. The development is prepared to house around 1,500 students, as well as multiple stores and restaurants open to the public, bringing more dining selections even closer to campus.

Matherne’s Market

The family-owned market focusing on fresh and specialty food products was the first tenant announced for Nicholson Gateway. It is expected to open within the next couple of weeks.

Frutta Bowls

Frutta Bowls is a nationwide chain serving acai bowls, smoothies and much more. The health joint is expected to open sometime in September.


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s about to be that much easier for Tigers to enjoy a late night Frosty. Say goodbye to battling College Drive traffic just to get to Wendy’s, because the fast food giant is expected to open in Nicholson Gateway in September.


Calling all gold status members: Starbucks is becoming even more convenient for those around LSU. If a Frappuccino is calling your name but you don’t feel like dealing with campus parking, you’re in luck because the coffee shop is expected to open in September.

Inside the new City Slice. Photo by Raegan Labat

LSU North Gates

While we are on the topic of moving in, we should also touch base on those moving out. The LSU North Gates on Highland Road, home to longtime Baton Rouge classics like The Chimes and Highland Coffee, has experienced many restaurant closures recently. Staples like Slinky’s Bar and Poboy Times have shut down in recent months, as well as relatively new tenants like Everything Philly and Smoothies-N-Things Café LSU.

However, things might be looking up. The Chimes is building up by adding a rooftop bar, and a few new restaurants are developing in the area.

Krab Queenz

The seafood and daiquiri joint opened off State Street in March. With two Baton Rouge locations, it has made quite an impression on the surrounding community with its deliciously flavored boiled crabs and other seafood options.

City Slice Pints & Pies

The new kid on the block, City Slice from the City Pork family opened this week off West Chimes Street. Check out 225 Dine‘s First Look on the restaurant.

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