What’s on Baton Rouge chefs’ playlists? Gov’t Taco’s Therese Albornoz & Delainie Riera chime in

For a lot of us here at 225 Dine, cooking and music go hand in hand. When our ovens and burners are on full blast, so are our speakers.

The same is true for most local chefs.

But with so much music out there to choose from, sometimes it’s hard to find the right soundtrack for your time in the kitchen. And the perfect playlist often changes depending on what you’re whipping up. So, we’re starting a new 225 Dine series asking Red Stick chefs about their favorite tunes both in and out of the kitchen.

First up: Two of the women holding down the fort in Gov’t Taco. (Which, by the way, was selected by readers as this year’s Best of 225 Awards winner for Best Tacos at a Local Restaurant.)

Therese Albornoz and Delainie Riera, Gov’t Taco at White Star Market

What have you been listening to lately?
Albornoz: I’ve been really into jazz lately, but we’re always down with Empire of the Sun.
Riera: The new Death Cab album!

What’s your go-to music genre or artist while you’re in the kitchen?
A: Classical music like Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.
R: It depends on the day and task—my go-to’s can range from Céline Dion to City Girls.

Do you associate a certain music genre or artist with a specific type of cooking?
A: When I’m experimenting with a new recipe, I like to listen to classical music because it keeps me calm and focused.
R: Only when I make bread, which is when I go classical.

Gov’t Taco’s Therese Albornoz

Is there a particular music genre or artist that gets you in the zone or ready to create?
A: Jazz.
R: It just depends on how I’m feeling that day.

Any other thoughts on cooking and music?
A: I think music and food go hand in hand. They both speak to our souls in a special way. Like, when you hear a certain song it can link back to a nostalgic memory, and food is the same way. Nothing can compete with nostalgia.
R: Food and cooking make people happy in a similar way that music does. I think whatever feels right that day is a good way to go when picking something to listen to.

Know a chef who would be up for sharing their playlist? Nominate them in the comments!