Pop-ups and porch pick-ups: 18 micro-bakeries for small-batch breads and sweets

On Friday afternoons, the decorative cabinet on Melanie Hyatt’s front porch bursts with homemade baked goods waiting to be fetched by expectant customers. A hospice nurse by night, Hyatt parlayed a lifelong love for baking into Yaya’s Blooms and Dough, a cottage operation she opened in January. The six-month-old business sells sourdough-based loaves and sweets, along with flavored butters and fresh cut flowers that Hyatt grows in her Shenandoah backyard.

Hyatt’s micro-bakery, one of a growing number in the Capital Region, is part of a national trend that finds creatives selling their wares sans storefront. Instead, the social media-driven enterprises appear at a rotating list of special events, festivals, and pop-ups with fellow small businesses. They might also just establish an online ordering system with a pick-up location—like their own front porches.

And whether born out of pandemic boredom or just personal passion, cottage bakeries are having a moment right now thanks to an enthused audience that’s mastered the learning curve about where to find them.

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Photos courtesy Yaya’s Blooms and Dough.

“It’s been going great,” says Hyatt, who participated in Hot Art Cool Nights in Mid City in May and has been setting up three times a month at Beaver’s Abundance, a recently opened native nursery in Prairieville. “People are looking for something fresh without all the preservatives,” she adds.

Hyatt focuses exclusively on sourdough products because of their health benefits. Current top sellers include a new fluffy sandwich bread, along with a cheddar jalapeño loaf, fresh blueberry scones, brown butter chocolate chip cookies and signature cinnamon rolls.

“Sourdough takes time,” she says. “It’s about a 72-hour process from start to finish, per loaf.”

Hyatt usually bakes all day Thursday and Friday mornings before loading customer orders into her porch cabinet or ice chest, depending on the item. She takes orders through hotplate.com, a platform designed for cottage businesses. Hyatt hopes to grow the business enough to quit her nursing job. Short term, she plans to install a larger, commercial bread oven soon in her home to turn out more loaves.

“For me, it’s not work,” Hyatt says. “I just love it.” Find it on Instagram at @yayasbloomsanddough.

Here’s a list of 17 other micro-bakeries to try.

Important note: Since these are cottage businesses, schedules, locations and ordering logistics are subject to change. Contact each one directly for the most current info. If we missed your favorite, tell us [email protected].

Bakin’ Ya Crazy

Macarons, custom cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscotti and flavored breads. Order directly or find at Riverside Farmers Market in Prairieville and Hwy 621 Outdoor Market.

BBXO Bakery

Small flavored and glazed tea cakes perfect for dipping in tea or coffee, as seen earlier this year at Night Market BTR. Order directly or find at local events.

Crafty Roots Handcrafted Goods

Sourdough loaves in various flavors, scones, pop-tarts and more. Order directly, or find at the recurring Local Pop-Up markets at the Electric Depot and other events.

Dillard’s Old Fashioned Tea Cakes

Old-school tea cakes and sweet potato pies made with a family recipe dating back nearly a century. Find at the Thursday and Saturday Red Stick Farmers Market, or by calling owner Junius Dillard at 225-235-3554.

Dillard’s Tea Cakes. File photo by Collin Richie.

Dream Tart Desserts

Cream tart cakes in the shape of letters, symbols or numbers, decorated lavishly. Order directly.

Photo courtesy Dream Tart Desserts.

EM’s Bakery

Fluffy Japanese cheesecakes, flavored or plain, blinged with various fillings and toppings. Order directly and find at pop-ups in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, often collaborating with Oni Onigiri.

EM’s Bakery. File photo by Catrice Coleman.

Forte Grove

Rosemary focaccia, croissants, baguettes and more define this European-style artisan bakery. Find at the Thursday and Saturday Red Stick Farmers Markets.

Magnolia Deaux

Giant cookies, macarons, “crookies,” croissants stuffed and baked with cookie dough, cinnamon rolls, peach cobbler and more. Order directly or find at the Riverside Farmers Market in Prairieville.

Magnolia Manna Company

Homemade mini-bundt caramel cakes made with a family recipe with or without pecans and individual sweet potato pies. Order directly or find at Local Pop-Up markets at the Electric Depot or other events.

Maru Bread Co.

Delicate croissants in multiple flavors and other specialty pastries. Purchase through Saturday front porch pop-up or find seasonally at the Tuesday Red Stick Farmers Market. 

Maru Bread. File photo by Raegan Labat.

Mid City Bakery

Apple cinnamon hand pies, bronze butter rice treats and tiramisu cookies are a few of the goodies made by this home-based patisserie, run by a culinary professional. Order directly or find at monthly pop-ups at Pelican to Mars.

Mlem Mlem

Brand-new micro-bakery featuring pandan, black sesame and red bean cookies, ube tres leches and more. Most recently featured at Stacks Pickleball’s Dua Chua Slam pop-up.

Plant Based Sweets by Lotus

An all-vegan menu of sweets and savory dishes that includes cookie sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, cannolis, muffins and donuts in a variety of flavors. Text 225-433-3202 to preorder and meet for pick-up.

Plant Based Sweets by Lotus. File photo by Collin Richie.

River Rd Baking Co.

Savor detailed croissants, tarts and European pastries, along with fresh blueberry mini-bundt cakes and handmade oatmeal cream pies. Find at Local Pop-Up Market at the Electric Depot, pop-ups in the Denham Springs Antique Village and other events. Note: Summer sales may vary.

Say Saye’s Village Bakery

Selling homemade muffuletta bread, brioche, focaccia, cinnamon rolls and more, Say Saye’s is an original Red Stick Farmers Market vendor. Find at the Saturday Red Stick Farmers Market, or contact [email protected].

The Sugar Mill Coffee & Bakery

Delicate butter and chocolate croissants, scones, muffins and Vietnamese coffee, among other treats. Find at the Thursday and Saturday Red Stick Farmers Markets.

Tout va Bien Boulangerie

French sourdough boules and baguettes with flavor options like rosemary, caramelized onion and walnut. Order by Sunday evening for pick up in Mid City on Tuesday, or find at the Saturday Red Stick Farmers Market.

Tout va Bien. File photo by Collin Richie.