New Dream Tart Desserts cottage bakery introduces its creative cream tarts to the Capital City

For Misbah Ullah, 2021 has already been a busy year. In February, she turned her baking hobby into a career.

Ullah noticed cream tarts rising in popularity while scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest. The custom-designed tarts are often molded into fun, colorful shapes like hearts or letters. The texture of a cream tart is light and delicious, like a cookie cake with whipped cream filling, she says. 

Born in Pakistan and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Ullah moved from Canada to the United States about six years ago. When she arrived in Baton Rouge about a year and a half ago, she dreamt of running an at-home business. So this winter, she launched Dream Tart Desserts. She shares her artful creations—and her booking availability—on her Instagram page.

Some of her tarts are shaped like numbers to commemorate birthdays and anniversaries. Others are carved into the shape of a heart or a fleur-de-lis. Each one is topped with exquisite frosting designs and toppings like chocolates, macarons and locally sourced flowers. So far, she’s worked with flavors like strawberry, vanilla, lemon and chocolate.

“I’m always trying to look for different ways to make each tart look different,” Ullah says. “I want it to be unique for each person, and then maybe I’d like to branch out into different flavors.” 

Experimenting with different recipes and learning how to make her own toppings was a fond learning experience for Ullah, and she hopes to make even more creative tarts and desserts in the future.

Photo by Clover Creative Agency

She designs and bakes all the tarts herself, and despite starting a business in the middle of a pandemic, she is fully booked for April and had to stop taking orders. 

“I enjoy meeting different people and talking to them,” Ullah says. “Because during COVID, and being a stay-at-home mom, it was a very isolating time for a lot of people.” 

Every business owner loves receiving orders, but playing a role in someone’s special moment is what brings Ullah the most joy. 

“I like being a part of someone’s celebration, even though I’m not there,” Ullah says. “I know it brings joy, and when people pick them up, they’re so excited. I enjoy bringing that joy to people.”