Your delivery dinners can be photo-worthy, too

We know, we know: Not all of us take pictures of our food. But no one can deny that social media has made dining out prettier.

Realizing that their dish might end up posted online for thousands to see, chefs today are hyper aware of plating and atmosphere. Restaurant owners are devoting resources to picturesque murals, bright neon signs and big windows offering natural light.

The trade-off with ordering to-go is sacrificing that visual experience. But it doesn’t mean you have to eat out of a boring takeout box.

Try stocking your cabinets with a few stylish plates to mix and match at meal time. Then, practice plating like your favorite chefs.

You might like the result so much, you’ll want to snap a photo.

Hover over the image below to see where you can peep these plates:

This article was originally published in the December 2018 issue of 225 Magazine.

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