Baton Rouge coffee shops are introducing fizzy and refreshing summer drinks

Maybe it’s because we’re all looking for a way to escape Louisiana’s already-intense summer heat, but local coffee shops are introducing lots of refreshing seasonal drinks.

Capitalizing on the popularity of seltzers and sparkling waters, spots like Reve Coffee Lab and Social Coffee are mixing Topo Chico with cold brew or tea. Meanwhile, cafes like City Roots and Southern Cofe have dreamt up custom-crafted lemonades that are sure to bring some sunshine to your day. 

Here’s a look at how local shops are highlighting the can’t-miss summer beverage trends: 

Social Coffee’s Social Shirley

If you like red Tootsie Pops, you’ll love the taste of Social Coffee’s Social Shirley. 

This bubbly blend of cold brew, Topo Chico and grenadine is topped with a layer of foam and a cherry. 


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City Roots Coffee’s summer drink specials 

City Roots Coffee has not one, not two, but three summer drink specials available this summer.

The vibrant coloring of the Lavender Lemonade puts an electric spin on an old favorite, while the New Orleans-inspired French Quarter Float infuses nitro coffee and chicory drizzled over vanilla ice cream. The S’mores Chocolate Milkshake tops off cold chocolate ice cream with graham crackers and a marshmallow.

Southern Cofe’s summer drink selections 

The Main Street Market location of Southern Cofe opened March 1 and hit the ground running with its summer menu selection.

Make sure to try some fresh hibiscus tea, infused with Acadiana honey and locally farmed flowers to create a fresh taste and vibrant coloring. The 6-plus-hour, hand-crafted brewing process is completed by Baton Rouge’s Adornleaf Tea. Southern Cofe has a broad selection of custom crafted lemonades and teas over ice to keep you cool throughout the summer. 

Reve Coffee Lab’s Hibiscus Fizzy Lifter

Reve Coffee Lab’s Hibiscus Fizzy Lifter 

The Hibiscus Fizzy Lifter from Reve Coffee Lab will lift you up, but don’t worry about taking flight a la Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s got a blend of fruity and floral “Ruby Slipper” iced tea, house-made vanilla/lime syrup and chilled Topo Chico. The frosty cream foam and decorative fresh lime make this colorful reddish-pink beverage a trendy choice, whether you’re going into the office or posting on your Instagram feed.

Grab this trendy summer special while it lasts! 

Highland Coffees’ summer favorites

Highland Coffees may not have an official seasonal menu, but the selection of fruity frozen blended drinks and freshly brewed teas over ice still make this a destination for those sweltering summer days.

Cool off with your choice of mango, strawberry or peach frozen blend. Highland Coffees also offers 10 iced teas available daily. And for fans of the sparkling seltzer trend, here’s a secret: Try asking for a double shot of espresso with Topo Chico and half-and-half. It’s not on the official menu, but the baristas told us they can likely make it for you if you ask nicely. 

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