Sustainable swaps: Five local eco-friendly household items to switch to in 2021

What was on your New Year’s resolutions list? Do you want to leave a smaller carbon footprint? Use less paper? Or maybe save animals and eat more veggies? Whatever it is, we could all benefit from making more eco-conscious decisions. Local businesses are helping Baton Rougeans make sustainable choices. Here are some eco-friendly household items to consider switching to this year.



  • Cotton gift bags from The Hope Shop

    Save some trees and package your gifts in these stylish cotton gift bags. Instead of getting a gift in a disposable bag, the recipient gets a two-in-one gift including the item and a reusable bag.

    Flower pot candle from Pollumination. Photo by Collin Richie
  • Dot Menstrual Cup from The Hope Shop

    Ladies, say goodbye to maxi pads and tampons. With this reusable menstrual cup, you can save money, cotton and a monthly trip to the store to restock menstrual products.

  • Flower pot candles from Pollumination

     Who says you have to throw away your candle holder after the wax is melted? Pollumination makes eco-friendly candles that double as candle and plant holders. After the wax melts away, clean the pot and use it as a planter. It even has a hole at the bottom to keep your plants well-drained.

  • Loose herbal tea from Adornleaf Tea Co.

    Do you enjoy harmful chemicals being infused into your tea through synthetic tea bags? No, thank you. Ditch the tea bags and shop locally blended loose herbal tea from this Black woman-owned business.

  • Sub-irrigated planters made from Outside Stimuli

    Who knew so much science could go into planters? This downtown plant shop makes sub-irrigated planters from upcycled plastic containers. Inside each planter is a recycled plastic bottle where the plant is housed that allows the grower to see the roots, soil and water drainage to monitor the plant’s progress at all stages.






This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue of 225 magazine.