6 ways to beat the heat during the summertime in Baton Rouge

This story was originally published in 225 Daily in June 2023. It has been updated.

The first day of summer is next week, but Baton Rouge residents have been feeling the heat for months. 

Now that the hot weather is in full swing, it’s time to find activities and treats that make it a little more bearable. Though most would love to curl up under a ceiling fan or blast the cool AC indoors, there are plenty of other ways to beat the heat while getting out and about around town. Whether it’s cooling down with an icy dessert or enjoying a day in the water, here are six ways to enjoy the season before summer melts away. 

Emily Katherine Boutique. File photo by Ariana Allison

1. Do some local shopping at a new spot.

Find solace in the air conditioning of local retail stores for a day out that won’t make you melt. Yes, retail therapy can break the bank, but at least indoor shoppers won’t have to break a sweat. Browse Baton Rouge small businesses and visit some of the area’s newer shops like Emily Katherine Boutique, Fleurty Girl and Shop House. Or search items to help make summer more enjoyable like ballcaps, tank tops and graphic tees from Hey Penelope. 

2. Take home a pint or ice cream cake from Gail’s Fine Ice Cream. 

Almost nothing beats frozen ice cream on a hot day. Gail’s Fine Ice Cream has treats that can purchased in advance and enjoyed with friends—or all by yourself— like ice cream cakes and pints of its fan-favorite flavors, like Little Monsters, Cortada Crunch and Lemon Berry Ice box Pie. 


Liberty Lagoon Baton Rouge BREC park pool swimming
BREC’s Liberty Lagoon is a hot spot to cool off during Baton Rouge summers. Courtesy BREC.

3. Make a splash at BREC parks.

Round up the whole family for a cool outing to BREC’s Liberty Lagoon. This waterpark features something for everyone like the Shockwave, water slides and splash pads. There’s also a lazy river and plenty of pool space to play in. Liberty Lagoon also has concessions and umbrella-shaded seating so families can grab a quick bite between water fun. For younger ones and non-swimmers alike, seven BREC parks are home to interactive splash pads and water play areas with no standing water. 

4. Cool down with a frosty beverage scavenger hunt.

A cold glass of beer is sure to offer a little relief on a hot day. Take a page from the Capital Area Craft Trail, which launched in 2022 and encouraged beer lovers to stop at local breweries for a drink. Until the trail comes back, plan your own boozy scavenger hunt drinking cool beers in the shaded shelter of Baton Rouge breweries and distilleries, or check out Ascension Parish’s Cocktail Trail, which runs through July 31.

The Beausoleil’s Fresh Seafood Tower is considered a a “sea-cuterie” board and served over ice. File photo by Collin Richie.

5. Order a cold dish.

When the summer temperatures start to rise, piping hot dishes like warm pastas and soups might sound less enjoyable to some. Luckily, many Baton Rouge eateries have some cold plate options to chow down on. Try dishes that are best served cold like ceviches from Blue Corn Modern Mexican, the Chilled Seafood Tower from Beausoleil Coastal Cuisine, poke from Soji Modern Asian and so many more. 

6. Invest in hot weather plants.

Plants feel the heat just like we do. If you’re tired of your garden shriveling up in the summertime, it may be time to look for leafy friends who can handle the hotter weather. Baton Rouge Succulent Co. offers air plants, house plants, succulents and cacti. These plants are ideal in the warmer months because they either don’t need tons of care or can be housed indoors. The shop also sells dried floral arrangements, which require no care at all. Baton Rouge Succulent Co. also has an online guide on how to take care of your plants in the summer months.