Making jewelry with Mimosa by M.E.

Photos by Collin Richie

For Madeline Ellis, making custom jewelry is all about giving customers a personalized piece that tells a heartfelt story.

With her Mimosa by M.E. line, she spends much of her time creating bracelets, earrings and necklaces from recycled bronze, inspired by her Southern surroundings. One of her latest best-sellers is a sunburst-shaped necklace with the words “You are my” engraved in the middle.

Crafting these handmade pieces has been a hobby since she was child.

“It all started with a Tupperware box where I kept my jewelry-making accessories,” she says. “I kept adding to it, carrying it with me everywhere.”

Madeline Ellis, MimosaIn 2013, she left her day job at a landscape architecture firm to focus on Mimosa full-time. You can find her jewelry locally at LD Linens and Décor and the LSU Museum of Art gift shop. Her pieces are also available in stores in Ohio, North Carolina and New Jersey as well.

However, it’s creating custom-made, special order jewelry that gives her the biggest smile.

“That’s my favorite part of the business,” she says. “I’m getting to know my customers. It gives me an excuse to meet these people and be a part of their story.” mimosabyme.com