Baton Rouge artist and Euph Group performer Tommy Do’s style has no limits

Tommy Do is the type of person you might spot in the pages of a fashion magazine, strutting in the images of a street style story and inspiring designers for next season’s runway shows.

The 25-year-old Baton Rouge native’s style is bold and unforgettable, and does not conform to any gender expectations. Do’s wardrobe is rich with edgy chain necklaces, preppy sweater vests, black Dr. Martens boots, white tank tops with cut-outs and black leather pants.

Every outfit is like a treat for the mind. There’s something new to appreciate with each glance. Whether it’s an oversized LSU jersey styled with a gold choker and platform Pumas or a button-up shirt worn off the shoulders, Do treats clothes like art. Each piece and accessory contributes to a bigger picture.

“I believe in my vision and the story I’m trying to tell with my presentation,” Do says.

Do is a local artist, apparel designer and performer who graduated from LSU in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in apparel design.

Since the pandemic, Do started experimenting with other creative pursuits, launching a K-pop dance group called Euph Group with two friends. The group films choreographed dance covers to popular K-pop songs while wearing outfits that showcase their personal styles and correlate with the theme of the video.

“It’s an opportunity to live out a fantasy and combine a lot of my passions,” Do says about the dance covers.

Do enjoys wearing nontraditional outfits that combine designer clothing with everyday wear.

In Euph Group’s videos, Do’s outfits are just as fierce as their dance moves. In the cover video for “90’s Love” by NCT U, Do can be spotted wearing baggy navy blue cargo pants, white sneakers, an athletic top, layered chain necklaces and a bright red, hooded fur coat. One of the most intriguing parts about Euph Group’s videos is never knowing what to expect from Do’s outfits.

Do is creatively inspired by anime, K-pop, pop culture and high-fashion designers.

The same goes for Do’s everyday style. There’s always an element of surprise. Do’s favorite closet staples include a sheer, nude-colored, high-neck, long-sleeve top covered in tattoo-style patterns; an oversized, dark gray blazer; and designer hoodies. Do doesn’t play by fashion rules. They look at the shape and silhouette a garment can create and style it from there.

Growing up, Do was inspired by anime and would sketch imaginative outfits and fictional characters in school notebooks. In high school, Do looked forward to “free dress days” when students could ditch their school uniforms and show off their style and wear whatever they wanted.

Do’s senior clothing collection at the LSU Fashion Show in 2018 was inspired by Gogo Yubari, a character from Kill Bill: Vol. 1. In the 2003 film, Yubari is a young schoolgirl and deadly assassin. Do incorporated elements from her outfits, like plaid skirts and accessories. The looks were spiced up with metal details to resemble Yubari’s meteor hammer (a weapon with two weights connected by a chain).

After college, Do began designing edgy street-style clothing as a side hustle while working at retail stores like Time Warp and Urban Outfitters.

“Fashion is at the core of who I am,” Do says.

Through personal style, Do encourages thought, incorporates irony, highlights pop culture and explores what is deemed as appropriate or risque. In a society that promotes conformity, Do’s fearless attitude is like a breath of fresh air.

“There’s a difference between looking good and looking different,” Do says. “I like having something weird about my outfit. I want to take up space.” Follow them on Instagram @thomasdo 

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This article was originally published in the April 2021 issue of 225 magazine.

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