It takes two, sponsored by Take Note

Basis Baton Rouge Materra is known for its academic rigor which challenges students to learn at an accelerated grade level and pace. What may not be as well known is the secret sauce that fuels this Baton Rouge school’s ability to achieve. It takes two!

The school is uniquely positioned to educate students because every K-3 classroom features two instructors—a Subject Expert Teacher (SET) and a Learning Expert Teacher (LET). This model enhances the learning experience because while a Basis SET has content expertise in subjects like math and English, the LET supports student needs throughout the day.

Head of School Jared Lamb says the advantage of having two teachers involved in the school day “allows us flexibility, so nothing stops instruction.” He notes that the best student outcomes happen when the SET and LET have great synergy. Click here to learn more about Basis Baton Rouge Materra.