What is spinal traction, and does it work for back & neck pain? sponsored by The Spine Center

Spinal traction is a widely used treatment for low back pain as well as neck pain. It utilizes a force and counterforce to pull in opposite directions to relieve spine-related pain.

Although the exact mechanism is unclear, it is believed that spinal traction relieves pain by increasing the space between the vertebrae and inhibiting pain impulses. It also may improve spinal mobility by relaxing the musculature around the spine and decreasing mechanical stress. It is thought to reduce muscle spasms and spinal nerve root compression, as well as potentially release adhesions around the small joints in the spine.

Several studies show that traction can significantly improve neck and back pain when used in conjunction with other therapies. Traction can be used by practitioners during guided treatment and by patients during home therapy. Types of traction devices include manual traction, mechanical traction, and gravity-dependent traction.

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