Joey Redditt makes custom clothing at his Baton Rouge studio

The local designer makes quick and trendy pieces for his fashionable clients

Have you ever wanted to have your dream dress designed to fit you perfectly? These days, you don’t have to travel to New Orleans or New York to meet with a designer. Local clothing and graphic designer Joey Redditt makes custom clothing for children, women and men at his Baton Rouge studio.

His designs are a mix of casual ready-to-wear clothing and high-fashion runway attire. The Baton Rouge native makes everything from fierce, floor-length tulle dresses to comfy, denim patchwork matching sets.

Redditt has been designing clothes since 2010, when he was gifted a sewing machine. Before he taught himself how to sew, he ran a graphic T-shirt company called Grab it Rabbit. After his T-shirt business took off, he decided to try his hand at designing clothes. Now, the 30-year-old has more than 35,000 followers on Instagram, his own design studio, and designs casual clothes and dazzling garments for special occasions.

Redditt’s designs are a mix of casual ready-to-wear clothing and high-fashion runway attire.

“It’s so rewarding to work with my unique clients, like tall and short girls,” Redditt says. “The fashion industry wasn’t made for them, so at my studio you get fashion and a custom fit in one spot.”

Redditt is a quick worker. On average, he spends about two hours designing custom clothing for his clients. He typically works with knitted fabrics and materials that stretch well so the garments fit comfortably and can be reworn and sewn easily.

His most popular clothing requests are special occasion dresses, but Redditt most enjoys making daytime wear like T-shirts, maxi dresses and vacation-ready, wrinkle-free clothes. Over the years, his main focus has been apparel. This year, he plans to venture into branded home goods like pillows, candles and drapery.

Though he never imagined he would be a full-time clothing designer, every happy client fills him with pride and purpose.

Redditt doesn’t plan on moving anytime soon. He wants to continue growing his brand, become a household name and inspire youth and people of color to follow their dreams and turn their art into a career.

“The more creative people that leave Baton Rouge,” Redditt says, “the less creatives will be here.” thejodesignstudio.com