Gordon McKernan is developing a new podcast studio

Prominent Baton Rouge injury attorney Gordon McKernan is in the process of developing a new podcast studio at his office on Hilton Avenue.

The office, which houses McKernan’s intake department, features a large three-car garage. The garage has mostly been used for storage thus far, but given the rising importance of digital media in modern business, McKernan has decided to convert the space into a “full-fledged” studio for podcast production.

According to McKernan, plans for the renovation have been finalized and construction is expected to begin on June 1. He anticipates that the project will take about 90 days to complete and will cost between $400,000 and $500,000 when all is said and done.

The studio—which will be called The Garage—is likely to launch in September or October. McKernan says the space will be in the style of a New York flat with exposed brick walls, and his “tricked-out” LSU Jeep will be prominently displayed.

“It’s going to be a nice place,” McKernan says. “It’s not going to be a bare, white-walled studio. It’s going to look really good.”

McKernan currently hosts a podcast called Grubbin’ with G in which he talks with influential Louisianans over meals at their favorite restaurants. Past guests include Angel Reese, Kim Mulkey and Malik Nabers. While he will continue to record that podcast at local restaurants, he says some future episodes will be recorded in the new studio over takeout.

McKernan has a few ideas for new podcasts that may debut once the studio is complete, and he seems particularly keen on producing a show focused on outdoorsmanship.

“I’m a big outdoorsman,” McKernan says. “There may be some legal thrown in there with some sports and even some politics—those are all areas that I dabble in—but it’ll certainly be focused on outdoorsmanship.”

While McKernan does not plan to rent out the new studio, he says churches or community groups looking for a place to produce content will be able to use the space free of charge.

As for how the studio will complement his existing business units, McKernan says he views The Garage as a marketing tool akin to his billboard advertising campaigns.

“It’s my hope that we’ll be able to reach a new clientele and a new demographic,” McKernan says. “Hopefully they’ll receive us well and think about us if they ever need our services.”

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