20-plus other meetup groups to hang with

Looking for another meetup? No matter what you’re into, there’s somewhere locally to find other people who love it. Check out one of these groups, and hit up a meeting soon.

Barista Guild of Baton Rouge: A network of local baristas sharing skills, educating the community on specialty coffee and hosting coffee-centric events. Find them on Facebook

Baton Rouge Bitcoin Meetup: A group for strategizing and discussing one of the most buzzed-about topics of 2018: cryptocurrency. Find them on

Baton Rouge Burgers and Book Club: A fiction-focused book club with discussions held over burgers at local eateries. Find them on meetup.com

Baton Rouge Cactus and Succulent Society: A group for locals passionate about growing, maintaining and learning about all varieties of cacti and succulents. cssainc.org

Baton Rouge Cricket Club: A club for fans and players of the ball-and-bat game, not the insect. cricclubs.com

Baton Rouge Film Club: A club hosted by the East Baton Rouge Parish Library for movie fanatics to watch and discuss films. batonrougefilmclub.com

BR Ultimate Frisbee Meetup: A meeting of frisbee tossers from novice to expert who gather for pick-up games on a semi-weekly basis. Find them on meetup.com

Baton Rouge Italian Language Meetup: A monthly meetup to savor gelato and espresso while practicing the Italian language. Find them on meetup.com

Baton Rouge Orchid Society: A monthly meetup for people into orchid care and culture. batonrougeorchidsociety.com

Baton Rouge Plein Air: A group of painters who meet in outdoor locations around Baton Rouge each week and paint. Find them on Facebook

Baton Rouge Society of Miniature Gaming: A weekly meetup for miniature and tabletop board gaming at Little Wars game store. Find them on Facebook

Bicycle Brew Club: A Mid City meetup of homebrewers. Riding bikes to and from the meetings is encouraged to avoid driving under the influence. bicyclebrewclub.com

Black Girls RUN! Baton Rouge: The local chapter of the national Black Girls Run organization, which brings together black girls and women for running and training for runs. blackgirlsrun.com

Bourbon Society of Baton Rouge: A group of bourbon enthusiasts gathering at watering holes around town to sip and discuss some fine, dark liquor.

Brasseurs a la Maison: A biweekly gathering of homebrewing hobbyists for discussions on brew tips, flavor ideas and the best brewing equipment. brasseursalamaison.com

Capital Area Beekeepers Association: An organization for locals who keep their own bees or want to get started with beekeeping. cabainfo.org

Circle of Solace: An intimate group that discusses issues relevant to the minority experience. Monthly talks center around an article, video or piece of literature.
Find them on Facebook

Club South Runners: A running club sponsoring road races, fun runs, fitness clinics, cross-country runs and track meets. clubsouthrunners.com

Geaux Ride: A twice-weekly meetup downtown for cyclists of all skill levels to take a ride through the city streets, with music and lights to spare. Find them on Facebook

Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club: A group of pedigreed cat enthusiasts responsible for the annual Cat Show in Gonzales. batonrougecatclub.org

Krewe du Who: Baton Rouge chapter of the New Orleans-based krewe for fans of British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who. kreweduwho.com

Local Nomads: A meetup and shared Instagram account for local photographers looking to stay on top of their digital snapshot and social media game. Find them on Instagram

Louisiana Craft Brewers Guild: A quarterly meetup of craft brewers, organized and operating out of Baton Rouge but convening across the state. labeer.org

Louisiana Hiking Club: A statewide group for hikers meeting in Baton Rouge for hiking education, planning trips, mapmaking and blazing new trails. hikelouisiana.org

Louisiana Lagniappe Women’s Rugby: A competitive women’s rugby team drawing players from around the state into Baton Rouge. Find them on

LSU Quidditch: Yes, there are lots of student clubs at LSU. But the rest of them don’t let muggles play Quidditch. The team doesn’t fly, but most other rules remain intact. Find them on Facebook

Pelican State Velosters: Owners of Hyundai’s sporty car vroom vroom to meetups across Baton Rouge, the state and beyond. Find them on Facebook

What are your favorite meetup groups or clubs in Baton Rouge? We’d love to learn about them! Tell us in the comments below. 

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This article was originally published in the March 2018 issue of 225 Magazine.