Sneak peek: Previewing the 2023 Best of 225 Awards categories

Believe it or not, it’s almost 2023. And a new year means a chance to crown fresh Best of 225 winners. Write-in nominations for the 18th Annual Best of 225 Awards open Jan. 4. But today, we’re unveiling an exclusive first look at the award categories for 225 Daily readers.

Thanks to all those who recommended new categories over the past few months. We like to change up the awards each season, and we’re debuting, reintroducing or temporarily retiring several this time.

Stay tuned to 225 Daily for more info soon on the nomination process, fresh ways to promote yourself for the awards, and more. Send us feedback at [email protected].


  1. Best Bakery
  2. Best Desserts at a Local Restaurant
  3. Best Bread at a Local Restaurant
  4. Best Bar
  5. Best Bar at a Local Restaurant
  6. Best Local Brewery
  7. Best Craft Cocktail Menu
  8. Best Craft Beer Menu
  9. Best Happy Hour
  10. Best Breakfast
  11. Best Coffee Menu
  12. Best Brunch
  13. Best Lunch Spot
  14. Best BBQ
  15. Best Burger
  16. Best Pizza
  17. Best Fries at a Local Restaurant
  18. Best Tacos at a Local Restaurant
  19. Best Salads
  20. Best Restaurant for Vegetarian or Vegan Options
  21. Best Crawfish
  22. Best Gumbo
  23. Best Po-Boys
  24. Best Oysters
  25. Best Seafood Dishes
  26. Best Sushi
  27. Best Black-owned Restaurant
  28. Best Indian
  29. Best Italian
  30. Best Mediterranean
  31. Best Mexican
  32. Best Thai
  33. Best Vietnamese
  34. Best Fine Dining
  35. Best Food Truck
  36. Best New Restaurant
  37. Best Overall Restaurant 
  38. Best Restaurant for Outdoor Dining


  1. Best Boutique Fitness Studio
  2. Best Local Shop for Children & Infants
  3. Best Local Men’s Clothing Store
  4. Best Local Women’s Boutique
  5. Best Local Shop for Game-day Attire
  6. Best Caterer
  7. Best Local Grocery Store
  8. Best Market for Meat
  9. Best Market for Seafood
  10. Best Antique Shop
  11. Best Local Gift Shop
  12. Best Local Shop for Home Decor
  13. Best Hair Salon
  14. Best Nail Salon
  15. Best Place to Get a Massage
  16. Best Place for Pet Services
  17. Best Hotel
  18. Best Car Wash
  19. Best Mechanic
  20. Best Law Firm
  21. Best Plastic Surgeon
  22. Best Tattoo Shop
  23. Best Urgent Care Center


  1. Best Bar or Restaurant To Watch Sports
  2. Best Museum
  3. Best Local Visual Artist
  4. Best Performing Arts Group
  5. Best Live Music Venue
  6. Best Local Original Band
  7. Best Chef
  8. Best Place to Spend a Day with the Kids
  9. Best Place to Play Golf
  10. Best Place for a Wedding Ceremony
  11. Best Local News Personality 
  12. Best Local Radio Personality
  13. Best Radio Station
  14. Best Local Social Media Personality