See what new bar is opening this weekend on Nicholson Drive

Owners of Bright Side Bar & Daiquiris expect to hold a soft opening this weekend ahead of a grand opening the following weekend, managing member Lisa Riggins says.

Riggins says they have renovated the former location of Death Valley Daiquiris on Nicholson Drive (where West Lee Drive turns into Brightside) to welcome both afternoon patrons looking to get some work done and the nighttime crowd.

“We are not using pre-mixes for our frozen cocktails,” says John Dupont, who is also involved in the project. “Everything’s going to be made from scratch. When you have a daiquiri from here, you’re not going to hate yourself the next morning.”

Dupont is beverage director for Bar Napkin Ink, which owns Hayride Scandal and is a partner in Pelican to Mars, a new bar in Mid City, and in Bright Side.

This will be the first time opening a business for Riggins, though she is experienced in the industry and has tended bar in the Baton Rouge area for the past several years.

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