Rice Whiskey—a new spirit to be released this holiday season, sponsored by J.T. Meleck

Most whiskies are made from barleycornwheat, and rye, but have you ever heard of rice whiskey? There are only a handful of rice whiskies in the U.S., and one was started here in Louisiana. 

J.T. Meleck Distillers in Branch, La. started their rice spirit journey in 2018 with their signature handcrafted Rice Vodka. The Fruge family, owners of J.T. Meleck, grow the rice, distill, and bottle the product on their farm which has been in operation since 1896. This holiday season, the company plans to release its newest product—J.T. Meleck Rice Whiskey. This highly anticipated founders’ edition release won’t last long. 

Click here to read more about the process and how it tastes.

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