Venues like Red Stick Social mix entertainment with restaurant service

It’s rare to pass by Red Stick Social and see an empty parking lot.

Since opening on Government Street this spring, the venue has kept busy.

And that’s as it should be. After all, it has a ton of space to fill: 30,000 square feet, five stories, two floors of bowling, a rooftop terrace, a sports bar, space for live music … wait, what doesn’t it have?

Photo by Raegan Labat

A $6 million project, Red Stick Social was the first opening and anchor tenant of Electric Depot.

The rest of the former Entergy site is an ongoing revamp, being converted into a mixed-use development with restaurants, shops, offices and apartments.

When it’s all finished, it will continue to shake up the way we do date night.

In Baton Rouge, we’ll often go to dinner and hope to be treated to occasional live music or maybe a trivia night every now and then. But Red Stick Social follows a growing business model: an entertainment space that also happens to house a full-service restaurant. Forget dinner and a show—now it’s a show, and maybe you’ll feel like staying for dinner.

Photo by Raegan Labat

Food has traditionally been an afterthought at bowling alleys. It was about as easy to get excited about sad, reheated pizza as it was about wearing old bowling shoes. Red Stick Social’s menu is more ambitious. Charcuterie boards, fish tacos, a vegan burger and crawfish mac ‘n’ cheese make appearances.

The buzz about Red Stick Social hasn’t stopped. All year, residents have traded stories about everything from the food to a controversial dress code policy it briefly implemented this summer—which owners quickly reversed and apologized for—to the venue’s show-stopping private parties.

And with the holidays here, it’s likely those party stories will continue. It seems Red Stick Social has already achieved what it set out to do: keep Baton Rouge entertained.


Opened April 2019
1503 Government St.

Photo by Collin Richie

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