Easy salad recipes to keep up your healthy new year’s goals

A friend once shared a new year’s goal with 225 contributing writer Maggie Heyn Richardson: Eat a salad every day. The resolution was straightforward and easy to measure, exactly as a doable goal should be. The idea was that by committing to a daily dose of green, she was assured of a healthy injection—no matter what the rest of the day brought.

Richardson loves salads, and she loves this idea. It checks so many boxes. Salads are affordable and generally good for you. You can change them up daily, creating something substantial and rich in protein, or something light and refreshing. They’re seasonal, portable and naturally stress-reducing. All that crunching takes your mind off life’s realities.

So Richardson prepared three comforting and filling salads to keep your new year’s healthy goals going. Find them all here, as they originally appeared in a January 2016 edition of 225 Dine.

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