Bottles to pair with a meticulously arranged appetizer platter

Charcuterie boards and appetizer platters are huge nowadays, proven by the endless images on Pinterest and Instagram depicting trays of curated culinary beauty. Indeed, it’s interactive, delicious and a great way to entertain during the summer when it gets too hot to do serious cooking.

There’s no limit on how to compose a board or platter, as long as it overflows with diverse flavors and textures. That way, your guests will enjoy assembling each individual bite.

The trick is providing contrasting experiences, and a range of savory, sweet, salty and even spicy notes. For example, place nutty cheeses near fruit pastes or compotes. Serve pâté and cured meats with pickled vegetables and sweet or hot mustard. And offer rich, creamy cheeses with briny olives and palate-cleansing unsalted nuts.

So, what about wine? If the success of the appetizer platter turns on its meandering flavors, where does that leave you in terms of wine pairing? You need selections that can successfully stretch from salty to spicy to sweet without becoming cloying or metallic.

We found these three wines at Calandro’s Supermarket, and they are vibrant enough to make your platter sing without getting in the way. They’re just right for kicking off a summer of entertaining.

This article was originally published in the June 2019 issue of 225 Magazine.