Baton Rouge chefs survive another week on reality TV

Photo of Jesse Romero (far left) with MasterChef judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi, courtesy FOX

Jesse Romero (MasterChef) and Jay Ducote (Food Network Star) thriving in competition

Baton Rougeans continue to make an impression on the latest seasons of two reality cooking shows.

On episode six of MasterChef, Jesse Romero’s team won that week’s challenge. The contestants split into two teams for this season’s second team challenge. Romero’s red team was tasked with using lobster in its entree dish. This is Romero’s third win.

In the next episode of MasterChef (airing Wednesday, June 24, at 7 p.m. on FOX), the remaining contestants must upgrade a TV dinner. Follow Romero’s progress.

Update: Romero was eliminated Wednesday night. In a surprise move, judge Gordon Ramsay kicked Romero off the show. Romero had made a venison Salisbury steak TV-style dinner. Romero disagreed with Ramsay’s assertion that the dish was dry.

After the brief disagreement, Romero’s dish was noted as one of three worst, but he was safe in the Top 15. However, Ramsay made the surprise decision to eliminate another contestant, and Romero was called out for his dish and attitude.

225 Dine will have an interview with Romero about his experience and the elimination in next week’s edition.

Over on Food Network Star, Jay Ducote continues to impress judges with his personality. For the third episode, Ducote made a quick gumbo and took photos of food for a social media challenge.

Though the gumbo didn’t come out as Ducote would have preferred, he was safe for another week. In next week’s episode, the finalists will be split into teams of three to create a Fourth of July menu for hungry families.

Food Network Star airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Food Network. There will be no viewing party for this week’s episode.