225 Tries: Sweet and spicy Mexican candy from La Morenita

Growing up, I spent most of my childhood in Colorado Springs. During the dry summer days, my friends and I would sit on the steps of my back porch, stuffing our faces with Hot Cheetos, Big League Chew bubble gum and candies from the dollar store.

The real treat, though, would be when one of us had Mexican candy like De la Rosas, Duvalin or packets of Pico chili powder stashed away in our pocket. Colorado has a large Hispanic population, and most of my friends’ families originated from Mexico. At the time, I wouldn’t have thought twice about tearing open a packet of lime or chili powder and pouring it over my tongue.

Now, it’s been almost 15 years since I’ve last had these sweet and spicy candies from my childhood. But the wait is over.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, 225 went to local Latin American meat market, La Morenita, to browse the candy aisle for five Mexican candies for some of our staff to try. We asked our editors, Jennifer Tormo and Benjamin Leger, and graphic designers, Gracie Fletcher and Melinda Gonzales, for their first impressions of the sweets. Spoiler alert: We mostly found ourselves comparing the candies to things we already know, including treats from our own childhoods.

Watch the video below to see what our team said, and be sure to stop by local Latin markets if you want to try authentic Mexican treats yourself:



De la Rosa

What it is: marzipan peanut candy

Our thoughts: “It’s like freeze-dried toffee that they send into space.”—Managing editor Benjamin Leger

El Azteca Chileta Mango

What it is: mango-flavored lollipop with a chili coating

Our thoughts: “It’s kind of like a tequila shot, but minus the alcohol.” —Editor Jennifer Tormo

Coconut bar

What it is: candy bars made out of coconut, sugar and food coloring

Our thoughts: “It’s like an Almond Joy—without the almond, but with the joy. It’s just coconut.” —Graphic designer Gracie Fletcher

Duvalin Bi Sabor

What it is: vanilla and hazelnut cream with a frosting texture

Our thoughts: “It’s like the DunkAroos icing that you put the little crackers in.” —Graphic designer Melinda Gonzales

Pica Goma

What it is: Chili-covered tamarind

Our thoughts: “It smells like horse feed.” —Managing editor Benjamin Leger

What’s your favorite Mexican candy? Tell us in the comments!

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