[Sponsored] Daycare after dark: Red Stick parents now have overnight options

Sponsored by Mini Miracles 24 Hour Child Care & Early Learning Center


Work schedules can be hectic these days. Many parents find themselves working odd shift hours or taking on second jobs. Finding childcare that can meet any schedule can be a challenge—often taking a toll on family and friends. Baton Rouge finally has another option. Mini Miracles 24 Hour Child Care & Early Learning Center is a unique, family-oriented center offering comfort, support, and convenience for families with unconventional schedules.

Committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun learning environment for children, its programs reflect its mission that learning takes place primarily through exploratory activities and discovery. Through both group and individual activities, children are encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically at their own pace.

Founder and CEO Sareena Stevenson  brought the concept for 24-hour childcare with her from California. “I moved here and couldn’t believe parents who worked long shifts at hospitals or plants had no overnight options. I realized they couldn’t always depend on family and friends to help out, so I took action.”

Already a successful entrepreneur, Sareena set out to create a space where she would want to entrust her own children. An interior designer by hobby and a software engineer by trade, she has employed some of the best technologies to help families feel secure and help children thrive, in addition to ensuring that the interior esthetic has a warm home like feel, that is bright, colorful, yet welcoming and inviting to all age groups.

SAFETY and TECHNOLOGY: Putting parents first

Mini Miracles is closely monitoring and complying with all state/local regulations and mandates from the CDC, regarding Child Care Center operations. Its highest priority continues to be the health and well-being of everyone who comes into the facility. “As we navigate the evolving impact of COVID-19 on our communities, we are requiring that parents coming to our facility wear a mask or we will provide one upon arrival,” Sareena says. “Then a staff member will take every person’s temperature as they enter the facility.” In addition, Mini Miracles takes a high-tech approach to parent communications and child safety.

Does your preschool have an app for that? Mini Miracles uses Brightwheel childcare management software to allow both parents and teachers to observe students, manage classrooms, collect tuition and stay in touch with families—all from one app. But wait, there’s more. Brightwheel allows parents to capture milestones by recording student progress and developmental milestones with pre-loaded learning standards, then share with parents or staff.

Be a fly on the wall. Mini Miracles offers access to classroom cameras, taking the open-door policy for parents to the next level. Parents are put at ease when they can just log in and see what their child is up to during the day.

Mini Miracles Child Care offers safe, affordable child care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specializing in non-traditional work hours, MMCC provides flexible part-time, full-time, drop-in and overnight care, not to mention a top notch Pre-K program.

Toddler classroom at Mini Miracles 24hr Child Care & Early Learning Center


—Mini Miracles provides fresh daily meals and snacks.
—Diapers, Pull-Ups and wipes are also provided for you.
—Daily physical activities that introduce the element of fun into fitness.
—Fine Arts classes that nurture the outgoing nature of bright young minds.
—Exposure to music to improve infant and preschoolers’ cognitive function.
—Introduction to sign language at stages of growth when young minds are impressionable.
—Challenging and creative infant and preschool curriculum material for academic preparedness.



Call 225.444.5762 or visit mmccbr.com to  schedule a tour and see how happy your child can be and how the right childcare facility can offer you peace of mind.


Mini Miracles 24 Hour Child Care & Early Learning Center is not, nor has ever been affiliated with any other Mini Miracles in the state of Louisiana.