Ahead of his Baton Rouge show, actor Marlon Wayans talks stand-up comedy, upcoming projects and more

Marlon Wayans has seemingly done it all, from directing and acting to writing and producing—and made audiences laugh every time. Wayans is now embracing his role of stand-up comedian as he embarks on the Microphone Fiend tour with a brand-new comedy set.

Wayans will make a stop in Baton Rouge soon for a stand-up show at L’Auberge Casino and Hotel this Saturday, July 15. 

225 got the opportunity to chat with Wayans over the phone to discuss his new tour, his stand-up process and his upcoming projects. 

You hold titles ranging from comedian and actor to producer and writer. Which role has been your favorite or the most rewarding in your career so far? 

I love them all. So far, I think collectively, they’ve all been rewarding, because they’re all different parts of performing. Your different skill sets are kind of like your children. Stand-up is kind of like my baby because I started it last. I’m excelling at that and it’s new, fun and instant. I love the crowds, the audiences and the energy. So, you know, I would say stand-up. 

I read an article that said you’d be the one getting made fun of during this tour? Why is that? Tell us what fans can expect from this show. 

I’ll make fun of other people, of course, but it’s going to be about me. I like to do comedy that is kind of self-deprecating because I feel like the audience comes to my shows to laugh and laugh at my expense. It’s about my opinions of the world, but it’s really my opinions about myself and how the world affects me. They’ll see how it plays out. It’s a really great journey, and I think it’s something for all of us to see, acknowledge and laugh with. It’s a feel-good type of show. It’s naughty, of course, but, at the same time, it’s real and physical. It’s a lot of fun. I make myself laugh on stage. It’s a good time. 

Tell me a little bit about how you prepare for a stand-up show. Do you stick to the jokes you’ve rehearsed, or do you improv some material? 

I’m weird. I improvise all the time. If I make myself laugh, I go for it. This whole set that I have now started with five minutes or three minutes on a certain subject. And this was about three months ago. I just kept going on stage and improvising and improvising. It’s still a work in progress. But then we’re shooting a special in August—that’s how good I feel about the material.

You’ve been doing stand-up for over 10 years. How do you come up with new material for a stand-up tour? 

Life writes itself. Life and God are my inspirations. Because I’ve written so many movies, but with stand-up, I’m just different. It doesn’t take me long to create a set. This is a brand-new set and it’s what I’m doing now, but I had a brand-new set before this one that I scrapped. There was a set before that one that I scrapped, too, because I felt like this one was the one I wanted to do right now. Then, I’ll go back and do those other two as specials. 

In your opinion, what’s the best part of a stand-up show? 

The growth on stage. I look at the stage as a blank canvas, and I throw my body and thoughts all around it. I just play and have a good time. 

You’ve spent a good majority of your career making people laugh. Who are some celebrities, comedians or people in your life that make you laugh? 

I grew up in a house full of legends, so I think my favorite people are my brothers and my sisters. My family makes me laugh, like my nephews, my nieces and my kids. I grew up in a house with my idols. How lucky am I? 

When you go on tours like this, do you have any opportunities to explore the cities on your stops? If so, what do you like to do when you get to play tourist?

Eat. I’m not one for museums. I’m one for food. I’m a foodie. A foodie and a drinker. 

Have you ever been to Baton Rouge before? 

No, but I’m looking forward to it. 

Besides the show, what are you most excited to do while you’re here?

I’m going to Google it, and I’ll tell you later. 

What exciting future projects or plans can you share with your fans and our readers? 

I have a movie coming out on Netflix called The Curse of Bridge Hollow. It’s a Halloween comedy, where the Halloween decorations come to life. My daughter and I have to work together to save the town and save the world.