Inside Mimosa Handcrafted’s new shopette, a tiny boutique-on-wheels

Mimosa Handcrafted’s new shopette is giving a whole new meaning to the term “small business.” 

The Mimosa Shopette, tucked into an alleyway at 541 S. Eugene St., truly is a hidden gem. Upon entering, it is clear that you’re in for a cozy, unique shopping experience. The small shop houses the entire Mimosa Handcrafted collection in all its bronze glory. Whether you’re looking for a necklace or a pair of cufflinks, you can find it all in this space. 

Mimosa owner Madeline Ellis knew she needed a small storefront where she could interact with customers and provide in-person services. “We had bought a piece of property down the road that was really big, and we realized it was more than we were ready for,” Ellis says. “All we really needed was a point of contact for our customers that was local instead of just doing markets here and there.”

The term “shopette” came from one of Ellis’ friends who she knew from her landscape architecture classes in college. Though the shop may be tiny, Ellis says it is the perfect size for her business. The 20-by-7 foot trailer seemed like the perfect fit for Ellis to showcase her jewelry, do quick repairs, clean jewelry, resize rings and chat with customers. 

“Jewelry is small, so it turns out we don’t really need that much space to house our products,” she says. “The shopette felt a little more permanent than a festival or market booth. Once we decided on the idea of a small shop, we knew it was something that we had to do.”

The Mimosa Shopette is full of little joys that make it a cool place for everyone to enjoy. There’s even a gumball machine filled with small charms and discount codes that is sure to bring some extra fun to the shopping experience whether you’re 5 or 35. 

Though it is a trailer shop on wheels, Ellis says she doesn’t plan to take the shopette too far from its home on Eugene Street. 

“We can’t really go that far,” Ellis says. “We can really only go 30 miles per hour in this thing, so I don’t think we’ll be moving it around too much.”

The space outside the Mimosa Shopette provides plenty of activities for anyone looking for a little pocket of entertainment in Baton Rouge. Just outside you’ll find the beginnings of a putting green created by Ellis’ husband, Dawson. He says it’s going to be the perfect place for the “non-jewelry people” to hang out, grab a drink and practice their golfing skills. 

The shop is accessed through an alley alongside Red Stick Reads, and the neighboring businesses have been encouraging customers to stop by both for a well-rounded shopping experience.

As for the future of the Mimosa Shopette, Ellis says she hasn’t really thought that far ahead. She’s trying to focus on getting acquainted with the ins and outs of the physical business. “After a year like this, I don’t really think more than three months ahead,” she says. “We’ve never run a retail space, so we’re still learning about it all.” 

Ellis says she hopes her little shop fosters a tiny community within the bigger community. Both she and her husband want their small space to be a place where more people come to mingle with other locals. 

“It’s a good space to hang out,” Ellis says. “You’ve got Red Stick Reads in the front and there are coffee shops around the corner, so it really is the perfect place to be tucked into.”