[Sponsored] Don’t get burned: Dermatologists’ answers to your sun protection questions

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By now everyone knows we should protect our skin when we spend time in the sun. Melanoma remains one of the most preventable forms of cancer—and sunburns double your risk. Since 1947, The Dermatology Clinic has provided the Greater Baton Rouge area with personalized care and a comprehensive array of dermatological of services. Specializing in general, surgical, and pediatric dermatology, these doctors treat people of all ages. Most importantly, the doctors  at the Dermatology Clinic offer skin cancer evaluation and treatment for those who are trying to prevent and treat all forms of skin cancer.

Doctors Lindsey Kobetz Hall, Jordan Whatley and Harry Burglass answered some burning questions about protecting your skin this summer.  Click here or call 225.351.0639 to schedule an appointment at either Dermatology Clinic location.

The Burning Questions

Is there really a difference between cream and spray sunscreen?

Lindsey Kobetz Hall, M.D.

A: Dr. Lindsey Kobetz Hall says cream is always your safest bet. Look for a cream with physical sunscreen in the ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Unlike the chemical screens, these actually create a layer on your skin and deflect the harmful UV rays. A spray is better than nothing, but it won’t help if you apply it incorrectly. It’s important to spray it close to the skin, then rub it in to be sure you are adequately covered. If you need to protect your face, spray some in your palm and spread it over your face, avoiding the eyes. For children, Dr. Hall recommends mineral sticks with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide—they’re easy to spread and do a great job. For the little ones, Baby Bum also makes a non-aerosol spray with a pump that makes it easier to control the direction of the spray.

Q: Should I use the same sunscreen on my face as my body?

Jordan Whatley, M.D.

A: Dr. Jordan Whatley isn’t too concerned about sharing the same head-to-toe cream, generally speaking. If your face is sensitive or acne prone you’ll want to use a product formulated to protect your face from harmful rays while also addressing your particular skin problems. Visit the doctors at the Dermatology Clinic for a free consultation to find the right products for your skin’s trouble zones.

Q: How often should I really reapply sunscreen throughout the day?

Harry A. Burglass Jr., M.D.

A: According to Dr. Harry Burglass, the safest bet is to reapply sun protection every two hours. If you are going to be in and out of water or sweating, check the bottle—for example, if it says “water resistant (40 min)”, that means you are unprotected after only 40 minutes. Sun protective clothing is a great idea if you don’t want to fuss with reapplying. Look for fabrics with a UPF 50 rating and you only need to worry about applying cream to your uncovered areas.

Doctors at the Dermatology Clinic utilize the latest cutting-edge technology and treatment options to ensure their patients the best possible care. The full service clinic is focused on helping you look and feel your best. Click here to schedule a consultation and get the most advanced skin care in Baton Rouge.



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