TikTok becomes advertising craze for savvy Baton Rouge businesses

Baton Rouge businesses have been jumping on the TikTok bandwagon, using the video-sharing app to advertise their companies and reach new audiences.

TikTok is trendy right now, Mid Tap owner Rick Patel says, making it a great way to reach the younger generation. Since joining the social media platform, the bar and restaurant (@MidTapBR) gets numerous customers asking if they can be featured in or help make TikTok videos. More importantly, Patel says, the videos are drawing new customers.

“It’s a more creative approach to cater to a younger clientele,” he says. “It keeps the business in the spotlight.”

Darian Esser, creative director at The Hope Shop, created the shop’s TikTok account (@TheHopeShopBR ) after noticing how many small businesses were using the platform and how easy it was to reach people via the video clips.

“It just takes one video to blow up for a business to gain attention,” Esser says.

With video titles like “What is shopping ethically?” and “5 brands we carry that do good in the world,” Esser’s aim is to have a mix of educational videos as well as those showing off their products. The Hope Shop is still new to the TikTok game, but it will be one of the retailer’s priorities going forward.

The Modern Debutante, which rents decor for parties and other events, is posting videos on both TikTok (@TheModernDeb) and Instagram. Co-owner Diana Rarrray says she has noticed videos attracting more customers to the company, which specializes in flower and hedge walls.

While Instagram only allows for a stationary photo of their moveable backdrops, she says, TikTok videos enable them to be more interactive, stay on top of trends like using popular music in videos and show off how their walls move.

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