Meet Lango, the up-and-coming Baton Rouge musician with a unique alternative rap sound

Langston “Lango” Adams is a rock star in the making. When he performs, his energy and daring persona fill the entire room. He often connects with his fans by jumping off the stage and diving into the audience to crowd surf.

The 26-year-old is an entertainer at heart. He gets a thrill from doing the unexpected, especially when it comes to his stage outfits. He has worn medical scrubs with gauze wrapped around his face, full head masks with a few holes to see and breathe, and a suit and tie paired with an eye patch.

The Baton Rouge native is not just about the frills, though. He takes his craft seriously and dreams of becoming a full-time musician. Based on his passion and fanbase, it appears he’s already on the way.

By day, Adams is a home health professional who works with the elderly. By night, he transforms from Langston to Lango—fearless, unapologetic and never afraid to start a mosh pit (or seven).

“I want people to remember me even if they don’t know my lyrics,” Adams says. “I want people to feel it.”

He has a modern, alternative rap sound. Inspired by his favorite producers Travis Scott, Kanye West and WondaGurl, his echoey, autotuned melodies and raps are often paired with electronic, rock and trap sounds. Some of his songs are party anthems, while others are easygoing, head-bobbing tunes fit for a long drive or relaxation session.

Adams has released four albums and mixtapes since 2018, each with its own unique sound and mood.

His last album Wikk Tapes, released in May, showcases his development as a professional music artist. The album is tied together with satirical and animated sound bites and is brought to life with hype ad-libs, consistently catchy beats and heavy bass on each song.

“I want people to remember me even if they don’t know my lyrics.”

[Langston 'Lango' Adams]

“I’m not a lyricist, but I want to say things that mean something to people,” Adams says.

In the song “Oven Bake,” Adams shares about his desire to make it big, advising his listeners to not get used to the current version of him as he continues to evolve. He declares, “Can’t get used to me. Take a look at me. I’ve been losing sleep. I do this so you believe. Look at what I used to be. Look at what I’m ‘bout to be.”

Music hasn’t always been at the forefront for Adams, but it has always had his heart. After high school, he studied biology and ran track at Xavier University of Louisiana. When he wasn’t studying or running, he was in his room making beats and songs. After he graduated in 2018, he started connecting with people in the music industry, booking shows and officially kicked off his music career.

Adams has since performed all over Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Some of his biggest shows were the Bloom Festival in Baton Rouge; Xavier’s Homecoming concert with rapper Rico Nasty; and the Freewater Block Party, where Billboard’s charttopping rapper Da Baby also took the stage. He was on the lineup of artists scheduled to perform this fall at BUKU Planet B in New Orleans before it was canceled due to COVID-19.

As he continues to expand his fan base and make new music, he plans to release a merchandise collection to pair with Wikk Tapes, including hoodies, T-shirts and masks. He dreams of having a world tour, wants to start an acting career and continue his work in biology and scientific research. Baton Rouge may have been his first stage, but the world is his arena.

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Find out more about Lango’s music at lango.live. Listen to tracks from this year’s release, Wikk Tapes, and his other music on Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube.

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