Baton Rouge Music Studios moving into century-old building on Government Street

Music education business Baton Rouge Music Studios is taking over a century-old building at Government Street and Steele Boulevard starting Jan. 1, building owner Jak Kunstler says.

Kunstler says he is moving his own businesses, which include Louisiana Purchase Real Estate and KNS Works, to 3150 Florida Blvd.

“We’ve been looking for a tenant,” he says. “That building’s like one of my children.”

Kunstler says he had already been planning to move to the Florida Boulevard location. But he wanted to make sure the Government Street building—which he says was built in 1920 and has its own basement, a rarity in the region—would be in good hands.

“I’ve been looking for the opportunity to move out there,” he says. “This is a good tenant, a long-term tenant, and it’s a good move for us.”

Baton Rouge Music Studios founder Doug Gay says he likes the neighborhood and wanted to scale back to a smaller building. The music studio has been in existence since 2006, offering lessons, band programs and camps for children and adults in everything from piano to voice to audio engineering. Gay says the landlord of his current location at 9327 Burbank Drive is a large company based in Texas.

“We want to work with someone who lives in town, who cares about the property and supports us as a small business,” Gay says.

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