Spring cocktail tips and recipes from a local Instagram mixologist

In a season as vibrant and flourishing as spring, there’s no time for anything mundane—especially not in the cocktail department. Whether preparing beverages for yourself or serving to loved ones, Instagram mixologist Katherine Roberts attests that creative cocktails can add just the right touch to any celebration.

“In the early days of staying at home, I quickly grew tired of making the same recipes on repeat, so I decided to get creative,” Roberts tells inRegister. “With so many different cocktails, and so many different ways to make and present them, the possibilities are truly endless! There is nothing more rewarding than when someone takes the first sip of a cocktail you’ve created and their face lights up with delight at your special creation.”

With warmer days ahead, Roberts looks forward to the upcoming season’s quintessential ingredients, such as strawberries, garden roses and mint combined with liqueurs and vermouth for dimension and flavor. For inRegister‘s March issue, Roberts shared three fresh, light cocktails you can make at home. Read on for the recipes—and all of Roberts’ cocktail tips. To keep up with inRegistersubscribe to the free [email protected] e-newsletter here.

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