Perfect house wines that are consistently good and all under $8

Wine isn’t cheap, and it can get pricey if you like to drink it routinely with meals. So this month, we’re focusing on a producer that’s a long-time must-have for those who crave value as much as quality. For decades—yes, decades—the well-known Perrin family in France has turned out quality under its easy-breezy, quaffable label, La Vielle Ferme. The name translates from French to “the old farm” and is pronounced “la vee-aye fairm.” Some local wine merchants affectionately refer to it as “LVF.”

Originally produced from grapes from the Rhone Valley, those grapes are now described as simply being sourced from France, which hints as to why it remains consistently affordable year after year. The 2018 vintage is a good one, pairing well with fresh produce and festive fall foods.

La Vielle Ferme’s red, white and rosé are each priced under $8, which means you can pick up all three for about the same price as one mainstream California cab or one highbrow chardonnay or rosé. Because they’re all accessible and fun, there are no hard and fast rules on how to pair them. Have fun playing around, or use our loose guidelines here.

LVF is available in many local independent supermarkets, such as Calandro’s and Matherne’s, wine shops like Martin Wine Cellar, and at Whole Foods Market.

The white

La Vielle Ferme’s 2018 white is a blend of bourboulenc, grenache blanc, ugni blanc (also known as trebbiano) and vermentino. These grapes hail originally from Southern France, Spain and Italy. This straightforward white is super appealing for its soft flower and citrus notes, and hint of sour. White wine drinkers are usually split along chardonnay and non-chardonnay wines, but this appeals to both camps.

Pair it with: Seafood of all sorts, cheese boards, salads and a roasted chicken-veggie sheet pan dinner.

The rosé

While we think of rosés as hot weather mates, there’s no reason we in Louisiana shouldn’t continue drinking them well into the holidays. Really nice acidity in La Vielle Ferme’s 2018 rosé, made from cinsault, grenache and syrah, makes it a must for big fall flavors, tailgate fare and global cuisine.

Pair it with: Fried chicken, gourmet pizza, Thai curries, muffalettas and banh mi sandwiches.

The red

La Vielle Ferme’s 2018 fruit-forward red blend is comprised of carignan, cinsault, grenache and syrah. Its tannins are soft, and for a light-bodied red, it presents a lovely balance and a long finish.

Pair it with: Bold soups like the butternut squash soup pictured above, blue cheese and bacon burgers, lamb chops with mint pesto and pulled pork barbecue sandwiches.

The La Vielle Ferme wines—especially its red blend—pair well with a hearty butternut squash soup. Find the recipe at 225batonrouge.com/recipes.