Extreme Burgers: City Cafe’s Avocado Burger

Photo by Kristina Britt

Google the health benefits of an avocado, and you’ll find pages and pages of information. The fruit is loaded with vitamins, nutrients and healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids. Avocados can lower cholesterol, improve skin tone, reduce symptoms of arthritis—the list goes on. So as far as burgers go, City Café’s Avocado Burger is one you can feel a little less guilty about indulging in. The burger is light and fresh, topped with avocado, pico de gallo and the option to have it on a wheat bun. It was executive chef Joey Faciane’s brilliant idea to put avocado on a burger, and it’s been a hit—it’s one of the most popular burgers at the restaurant, according to general manager Dirk Mauk. The meat is hand-ground and grilled at the restaurant, made with a special City Café seasoning—a recipe that the restaurant has been using since the inception of its original location in Plaquemine back in 1919. The burger is dressed with lettuce on the bottom bun and the rest of the toppings on top of the meat, so that when customers bite into the burger, the flavors from the avocado, pico and cheese seep into the meat. The entrée is served with homemade, seasoned fries. Pair it with a cold craft beer such as Tin Roof Blonde Ale, Mauk suggests. citycafebr.net


• Sweet sourdough bun—white or wheat
• Avocado
• Pico de gallo
• Melted mozzarella cheese
• Half-pound, ground-chuck burger
• Romaine lettuce

Editor’s note:
We received so much feedback and suggestions for the burgers we highlighted in our March issue’s “Extreme Burgers” cover story, we decided to keep the conversation going. Each month in the Taste section, we’ll feature another unique burger from in and around the Capital City. Send us your suggestions for the burgers you think we should try to [email protected].