Extreme Burger: Pimanyoli’s Smokehouse Burger

Photo by Allie Appel

Gouda cheese, smoked mushrooms and bell peppers, grilled tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. That sounds mouthwatering before you even know it’s a burger.

Add an eight-ounce ground chuck patty and two slices of buttery Texas toast, and voilà—you’ve got Pimanyoli’s Sidewalk Café and Catering’s Smokehouse burger.

For a restaurant famous for hot tamales and slow-cooked barbecue, the burger selection is impressive, particularly the Smokehouse.

This is a fork-and-knife burger. Or, you can smash it down until it’s small enough to take a bite (not likely).

Owner Yolanda “Yoli” Perrilloux says the idea for this burger was born when customers kept calling the Airline Highway restaurant a smokehouse. She and her husband decided combining the classic American hamburger and the smokehouse concept—via smoked and grilled veggies—would be a huge success.

They were right. The Smokehouse Burger has been a hit since day one, Perrilloux says.

To really experience a burger and a barbecue plate in one, add the restaurant’s house-made barbecue sauce. pimanyolisbbq.com


• Half-pound ground chuck patty
• Gouda cheese
• Smoked mushrooms
• Smoked bell peppers
• Grilled tomatoes
• Lettuce
• Mayonnaise
• Texas toast or a classic toasted bun