Extreme Burger: Lucy’s Cali Burger

Photo by Allie Appel

By Amanda Capritto

When people think of California, they think light, beachy, refreshing and full of health fanatics.

That’s the same thing they’ll think when they bite into the Cali Burger at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar and Restaurant downtown.

Made with 100 percent pure ground turkey, this half-pound burger is a healthier alternative to the bacon double cheeseburger you probably always consider ordering.

It comes on a whole wheat ciabatta bun, topped with onions, lettuce, tomato, avocado and sprouts. It’s almost a veggie sandwich, just topped with a turkey patty.

It even comes with a side salad—ciao, extra calories! Although, you can always substitute fries if you think you’ve earned it.

With the (optional) jack cheese and the juice from the burger, the avocado breaks down just enough to mix in and create a sauce so flavorful that no condiments are needed.

The Cali Burger is a nice option when you’re craving a burger, but don’t want anything too heavy, says Lucy’s general manager Larry Tingle.

It’s a surprisingly popular choice for a restaurant known for its Juicy Lucy burgers, he adds.

For the perfect summer meal, pair it with the restaurant’s gin-based Coolcumber or dreamsicle-flavored Afternoon Delight cocktails.


• Whole wheat ciabatta bun
• Avocado
• Sprouts
• Onions, lettuce and tomato
• Jack cheese (optional)
• 8-ounce turkey burger

151 3rd St.