Extreme Burger: The Bulldog’s Sasquatch

Photo by Allie Appel

When The Bulldog’s staff got together to try this burger for the first time, the comments were all the same: “This thing is a beast.”

And they weren’t kidding. Dubbed the Sasquatch Burger, it’s a hefty stack of two meaty patties—a half-pound Angus beef patty and a spicy sausage patty—and plenty of spicy additions stuffed in between, like pepper jack cheese, pickled jalapeños and onions grilled just to the right amount of char.

Thankfully, The Bulldog is known first and foremost for its seemingly endless variety of draft beers, so there are plenty of cold brews to help wash down all that spice.

Though it’s not listed on the printed “Grub Menu,” the Sasquatch is usually written out on the chalkboard at the kitchen window near the bar. General manager Remi De Matteo says it’s been a popular off-menu item for a couple years and they have no plans to get rid of it.

“To me, it’s a little ridiculous,” De Matteo says, laughing. “It’s kind of an over-the-top burger—terribly unhealthy, but also really, really good.” facebook.com/BulldogBatonRouge