Brew U – The Chimes changes a classic game, but introduces another

Though The Chimes recently (and quietly) ended its long-standing “Around the World” beer drinking game, the restaurant and taproom has launched a new tradition, just in time for LSU football season. Called Chimes Beer University, the game allows patrons to complete different courses, such as Abita Orientation, Beginner’s Brown Ale and IPAs 101, and earn beer “degrees,” including an undergraduate degree, a master’s and a Ph.D.—all in beer drinking.

Blutos everywhere rejoice.

Participants enroll through chimesbeeru.com and sign up for classes.

“You choose a course and drink your way through the curriculum,” says Logan McCoy, bar manager at The Chimes’ Highland Road location. “You can see how you rank amongst your peers. You log in, record the beer you tried, and we give you credit for the beer.”

To get an undergraduate degree, participants must drink 50 beers from at least 15 courses. The master’s degree requires 30 unique beers from 10 different courses, and to obtain a Ph.D., participants must try 20 “over-the-top” beers, such as barley wines or other extravagant brews.

Participants can enjoy the beers from any of the restaurant’s location, but only five beers may be logged in within a 24-hour period.

Those who complete the undergrad courses will get a T-shirt. Earning a master’s, will get beer drinkers a T-shirt and their names printed on a Beer University plaque at The Chimes location of their choice. A Ph.D. earns a T-shirt, a pint glass and the drinker’s name printed on a plaque.

While the “Around the World” game is no longer operating, McCoy says those guests who have been participating and haven’t finished can request a T-shirt, and the plaques for those who completed the journey will still be displayed.