Madeline’s Spinach

In 1956, St. Francisville native Madeline Wright was mulling over what to prepare for a bridge luncheon for friends when she spotted a six-ounce roll of Kraft jalapeńo cheese in her refrigerator. She had picked up the new product from the supermarket a few days earlier with no specific plans for using it. Maybe it would enhance creamed spinach, she thought. Despite her lack of cooking experience, she proceeded to toss together what seemed right: chopped spinach, diced onion, butter, flour, vegetable liquor, a few shakes of celery salt and garlic salt, chunks of the jalapeńo cheese roll and Worcestershire sauce. Wright stirred the concoction until it was thick and creamy, placed it in a casserole and topped it with breadcrumbs. She plated it on good china and served it to her friends. Read more about how this now-classic Southern dish came to be by clicking here.